Most people overestimate the benefits and underestimate the harms of medical intervention. Barbara M./Flickr, CC BY

Most people have naïve optimism about medical care. That’s the finding of a systematic review of all available research on common medical treatments we published today in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

23 December 2014
Jennifer Stables shaved her head to raise funds and awareness of a rare autoimmune disease.

University of Queensland student Jennifer Stables has had a hair-raising year after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, and has now cut off her ponytail and shaved her head to raise awareness and money for research into the condition.

22 December 2014
University of Queensland School of Medicine valedictorian Ms Ng with Professor Darrell Crawford, Head of the School of Medicine.

Monica Ng was bitten by the medical bug young – and it has stayed in her bloodstream ever since.

20 December 2014
Leaders who create a shared sense of purpose and identity within their work teams can help improve employee health and wellbeing.

Researchers from The University of Queensland have found managers can increase productivity levels and prevent burnout by helping employees feel part of a group.

17 December 2014
Eating two or more pieces of fruit a day can help women fight off depression

Women who eat fewer than two serves of fruit a day face a greater risk of developing depression, University of Queensland research shows.

16 December 2014

Three University of Queensland scientists have led an international team to victory, predicting the occurrence of epileptic seizures with unprecedented accuracy.

11 December 2014
UQ research shows that women who miscarry are not at a greater risk of depression than other women.

Women who miscarry may feel grief, guilt and anger years after their loss, a University of Queensland researcher has found.

11 December 2014
Professor Sue Kildea is leading a pain management trial.

One in three women experience severe back pain during labour and birth, but that might change thanks to a safe, simple and effective treatment developed by University of Queensland researchers.

10 December 2014
More than 60 per cent of Australians are overweight or obese

Growing obesity levels are increasing the burden of cancers throughout the world, say University of Queensland researchers.

8 December 2014
If you’re at high risk of skin cancer, check your skin regularly. Roman Königshofer/Flickr, CC BY-ND

The earlier you find a cancerous mole, the easier the treatment and the better the outcomes. But it’s not easy distinguishing between harmless, benign moles and those that warrant further attention.

5 December 2014
A mantis shrimp's compound eyes are 'superbly tuned' to detect polarised light. Image: Roy Caldwell

Mantis shrimp eyes are inspiring the design of new cameras that can detect a variety of cancers and visualise brain activity.

5 December 2014

We tend to notice mucous only when it’s abnormal and the sticky fluid is expelled from orifices. But actually it’s pretty amazing stuff. Every moment of our lives mucus is protecting our internal organs, including the sexual organs and bowels. Here...

1 December 2014
Our tendency to think that we will “beat the odds” is risky, and mostly wrong. malik ml williams, CC BY-SA

For most of us, death conjures up strong feelings. We project all kinds of fears onto it. We worry about it, dismiss it, laugh it off, push it aside or don’t think about it at all. Until we have to. Of course, death – our own, a friend’s, a family...

27 November 2014
Professor Linda Worrall has been awarded the prestigious Robin Tavistock Award

A leading University of Queensland researcher has been awarded the prestigious Robin Tavistock Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the field of the language disorder aphasia.

27 November 2014
UQ's three award winners, from left, Hosam Zowawi, Claudia Vickers and Andrew Stephenson, with the Minister for Science, Ian Walker (second from left)

Three University of Queensland scientists were honoured at an awards ceremony in Brisbane tonight.

25 November 2014
Steve, Seth and Chris de Rooy with Dr Cas Simons from UQ's IMB

Queensland researchers have led an international effort to uncover the gene behind a young Brisbane boy’s rare developmental condition, in a discovery his family hopes will pave the way for future treatments.

25 November 2014
AIBN's Professor Chengzhong (Michael) Yu has been recognised with the 2015 Le Févre Memorial Prize for scientific research.

One of UQ’s leading materials science experts, Professor Chengzhong (Michael) Yu, has been awarded a high-profile prize from the Australian Academy of Science.

24 November 2014
Dr Judith Reinhard (above) said that the research provided a fundamental understanding of how neural circuits were built and consolidated to retain memories.

University of Queensland scientists have discovered that genes switch off as memories are being formed, allowing for new connections between nerve cells. The discovery could eventually lead to a key for treating conditions such as autism and...

21 November 2014

It’s now late spring, with summer just around the corner, and many people with hay fever suffer at this time of year in Australia. Although the cause of this suffering is invisible to us, it is actually all around us — plant pollen floating in the...

20 November 2014
A UQ clinical trial will focus on the connection between diet and how genes are controlled. Source: iStock.

New treatments that target the underlying cause of cancer may be on the horizon, thanks to a University of Queensland clinical trial.

19 November 2014