UQ's SafeZone app
UQ's SafeZone app
9 October 2016

The University of Queensland works hard to ensure the safety of all students, staff and visitors who attend its campuses.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic Professor Joanne Wright said up to 50,000 people travelled to and from UQ’s campuses each day, and working to keep people safe at all campuses was a significant task.

“UQ is now participating in a Universities Australia’s student survey on sexual assault and harassment, in the latest step in a long line of safety initiatives,” Professor Wright said.

“UQ has policies, procedures and supports in place for members of the UQ community who encounter any forms of assault and harassment.

“We work to promote a safe environment for people to report all incidents, including those that occur off campus, so that people can be properly supported and incidents can be investigated and referred to police and other authorities as appropriate.”

UQ Chief Operating Officer Mr Greg Pringle said UQ’s UniSafe personal safety awareness program, launched in 1992 was the first of its kind at an Australian university.

He said not all incidents were reported to UQ.

“Sometimes people report directly to police, which is quite appropriate. But, worryingly, sometimes people don’t report them at all.”

Safety initiatives at UQ campuses include:

Mr Pringle said UQ’s 10 independently owned residential colleges worked to maintain and emphasise safe and respectful behaviour among their students.

An example of this was the St Leo’s Q Week program introduced this year, now being shared with college staff and students interstate.

Complaints reported through UQ security processes since January 2014 have comprised four complaints of sexual assault, 14 of sexual harassment, one of indecent filming and one of general misconduct involving offensive and abusive communications.

Not all the alleged incidents occurred on campus, and several were referred to police or the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

UQ took disciplinary action against several staff members and students, including the expulsion of a student and the non-continuation of employment of a staff member.

Media: Corporate Relations Manager Carolyn Varley, c.varley@uq.edu.au, 0413 601 248.