At Bondi, December 1892. Photo: Charles Kerry, UQ Anthropology Museum Collection
At Bondi, December 1892. Photo: Charles Kerry, UQ Anthropology Museum Collection
22 January 2016

The University of Queensland teems with Aussie tales that perhaps take on new relevance as the nation looks forward to Australia Day.

From the nation’s newest known dinosaur to a baby koala that escaped the clutches of a hungry eagle to 19th Century photographs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers, here are just a few we’ve gathered from the past year:

Australia’s newest dinosaur

Early Australians faced giant killer lizards

Australia launching to space

Three 2016 Australia Day Ambassadors from UQ visiting regional and rural townships

Baby koala takes leap of faith, lives to see Australia Day

Cane toads potentially lucrative export in cancer fight

‘Wild Australia’ exhibition at UQ runs until February 5

App that maps the locations and landscapes that provide the backdrop for Australia’s most-loved films, novels and plays.

And some ideas to help revellers celebrate the day safely and responsibly:

Book to help lifesavers breach beach language barriers

Sun damage and cancer: how UV radiation affects our skin

As well as this, the following experts are available to comment to media on topics relating to Australia Day:

Australian wildlife:

Bob Doneley: 07 5460 1980 or

Australian wildlife, conservation and management:

Dr Greg Baxter: 07 3365 8064 or 07 3365 6084 or

Landscape ecology; Fraser Island - fire ecology; Koalas - management of inland koalas; Environmental management; Fire ecology of Fraser Island; Habitat manipulation - wildlife; Management of wildlife; Wildlife conservation; Conservation - wildlife; Environmental conservation; Wildlife biology; Biology - wildlife; Ecology - wildlife; Bilbies; Feral deer - ecology; Deer - feral; Ecology - landscape and animals; 

Australian tourism

Brent Ritchie: 07 3346 7308 or

Tourism destination marketing, visitor behaviour, tourism crisis management, capital and city-based tourism as well as niche tourism markets (including sport and event tourism).

Journalists can also search for experts on a wide range of topics at UQ Experts.

Mobile numbers for many of the experts are available on request. Contact UQ Communications on 3356 3439 for more information.