UQ front entrance.
27 November 2015

The University of Queensland is in no way affiliated with the so-called University of Queensland White Student Union Facebook page, and no ‘white student union’ exists at UQ.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Joanne Wright said the page appeared to be part of a hoax that had spread from North America, where dozens of similar pages had appeared, each claiming affiliation with university communities.

An article on the spread of these pages is available here.

“The University of Queensland prides itself on its diversity,” Professor Wright said.

“We thoroughly condemn any attempt to undermine the importance of fostering an equitable society, both on campus and more broadly.

“The diversity of our staff and students contributes to innovation, enhances the teaching and learning experience and marks UQ as a truly international institution.”

More information on Equity and Diversity at UQ is available here.

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