UQ Gatton students pay it forward with free car wash
UQ Gatton students pay it forward with free car wash
27 April 2012

In honour of national Pay It Forward Day, University of Queensland Gatton students washed over 60 cars and two quad bikes for free.

The Pay It Forward concept is based on a book by Catherine Hyde and was later made into a movie with Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey.

To Pay It Forward is to do something nice for a person and expect nothing in return. Rather you ask them to also do something helpful for another person, spreading a feeling of goodwill.

Gatton Campus Director Janelle Zahmel was very keen to get behind the idea.

"It is very positive to see students so motivated to spread kindness through the community and expect nothing in return," Ms Zahmel said.

"We also have bright coloured paper in key areas around the campus so that students and staff can send messages of thanks to people who have made a difference in their lives."

"We hope by getting behind Pay It Forward we will brighten a few people's day and you never know where a small act of kindness may lead," she said.

PhD student Prue Kearney was instrumental in the UQ Gatton Community embracing Pay It Forward.

"All of the people here play such an important role in the community whether they are a student, lecturer, tutor, researcher or general staff member," Ms Kearney said.

"I thought it would be good if we could do something nice and a little out of the ordinary for people who contribute positively to our lives every day."

"I've been really happy with the response from students and staff in getting behind Pay It Forward!"
she said.

Students and staff interested in embracing Pay it Forward can collect brightly colored paper from the in trays located in the Student Centre, Student Services, Library, school reception areas and residential common rooms to send a message of thanks.

UQ Gatton club Student Life ran a fundraising BBQ during the car wash.