Eduroam is already the popular choice with UQ wireless users
Eduroam is already the popular choice with UQ wireless users
20 December 2011

On Friday January 20, UQconnect wireless at The University of Queensland will be decommissioned in favour of eduroam. The move provides improved security and enables worldwide internet access.

Rob Moffatt, Director of Information Technology Services at UQ, urged people to set preferences to eduroam on their wireless devices now.

"Many staff and students will already be on eduroam as we have been operating it at UQ for several years. The success of eduroam means that the old UQconnect service can now be decommissioned," Mr Moffatt said.

He said eduroam was the preferred choice of UQ for wireless for a number of reasons. "Eduroam is available at more than 20 Australian universities, at Queensland hospitals, and in 43 other countries around the world. Once staff and students set up eduroam, they will be able to use their UQ login to access the internet and email at any of these locations.

"Eduroam also provides improved security because it encrypts traffic. It also allows full access to Skype, Realplayer and various other websites that were previously difficult to access on the old wireless network."

Eduroam is already the popular choice with UQ wireless users. In 2011, use grew by more than 900 percent. One reason for its quick uptake among many with iPhones is that it eliminates having to login multiple times to the internet.

It can be accessed on a range of wireless devices including iPhones, iPads, androids, tablets, PC laptops, Mac laptops and more.

For a guide on how to connect to the Eduroam network, please navigate your wireless device to the webpage.

Desktop computers that connect to the internet via a cable do not connect wirelessly to the internet and will, therefore, not be affected by the change.

More information: ITS Communications Officer Nick Manning on (07) 3346 6912.