Professor Jeff Coombes and student prize recipient Vanessa Cavallaro at the awards night
Professor Jeff Coombes and student prize recipient Vanessa Cavallaro at the awards night
19 April 2011

UQ’s School of Human Movement Studies celebrated the outstanding achievements of its top teachers and students at its annual awards night recently.

Head of School Professor Doune Macdonald said the awards were an excellent opportunity to recognise the academic and sporting achievements of students as well as highlight the dedication of staff in the school’s 70th year.

“I congratulate the success of our top educators, graduates and students – they were all truly worthy of our recognition and the school is extremely proud of their achievements and contributions,” Professor Macdonald said.

The awards are split into four categories: student prizes, University prizes and awards, tutor awards and teaching awards, with a number sponsored by organisations, businesses and individuals.

Teaching awards, as nominated by students, were given to Dr Louise McCuaig, Associate Professor David Jenkins, Dr Craig Engstrom, Dr Liz Isenring, Ms Sue Monsen and Dr Peter Hay.

The event also provided an opportunity to recognise Associate Professor Guy Wallis who recently received a prestigious ARC Future Fellowship to advance understanding of how experience shapes the visual centres of our brain.

To keep up to date with the school's 70th anniversary calendar, visit their events page.

Winners of student prizes for academic excellence and outstanding achievements

Brent Raiteri, Natalie Lucy, Katrin Dias, Talisa Bean, Sok Joo Tan, Elliot Dolan-Evans, Matilda Edwards, Dr Vicky Lindemann, Kassia Weston, Dr Simon Van Rosendal, Vanessa Cavallaro, Michelle Simmons, Simone Hare, Tammy Wade, Daniela Smout and Natalie Webster

Winners of University Prizes and Awards for outstanding performance or special academic contribution

Elliot Dolan-Evans, Pippa Savage, Alyssa Beaufoy, and Dr Simon Van Rosendale
Winners of award for tutoring excellence
Rebecca Olive, John Mahoney, Samantha Fisher, Joe Occhino, Tina Skinner and Jemima Spathis

Winners of research student travel awards

Alanna Cresp, Rebecca Olive, Kellie Prichard-Peschek, Bonnie On-Hei Pang, Tim Gabbett and Helen Brown

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