The Teddy Bear Hospital student volunteers
The Teddy Bear Hospital student volunteers
8 September 2010

Medical Student volunteers from The University of Queensland have created a free, kids-friendly mobile clinic to foster positive relations between the community and health professionals and ultimately reduce morbidity from preventable diseases.

“Our team visits Queensland primary schools and use the children's own teddy bears to teach them important messages regarding diet, exercise, dental hygiene, being sunsmart and why we visit the doctor,” UQ medical student, Meg O’Connell said.

Through a series of fun and interactive activities (arts and craft, sports, "teddy-bear picnics" and role-playing), the team aims to encourage children to make healthy choices early in life.

The Teddy Bear Hospital was established in 2006 and set up by The Ashintosh Foundation, a charity initiative of The University of Queensland Medical Society.

The Foundation is run entirely by medical student volunteers and has particular interests in health, education and the arts.

The Foundation gains its funding from fund raising, public donations and contributions from The Queensland Medical Orchestra.

The Teddy Bear Hospital has visited more than 10 schools, and taught approximately 452 prep students. Their next stop will be St Joseph's Primary School, Kangaroo Point tomorrow, September 9 at 11.30am.

Video from UQ News TV: Teddy Bear Hospital Media: Meg O'Connell 0423 199 090