22 July 2015

The University of Queensland is reviewing the early draft of its St Lucia Campus Master Plan in response to initial feedback from stakeholders and the local community.

UQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Peter Høj said he would chair a new steering group, which will be formed to guide the revision process.

“The Draft Master Plan was released for community consultation in April 2015 and since then the University has sought independent reviews of both the master planning process and the draft plan’s content,” Professor Høj said.

“I thank the community and stakeholders for their contributions and feedback to the Draft Master Plan, and I look forward to working with them further as the process continues.”

Professor Høj said the steering group would include external planning experts and would work with an experienced and skilled project team to oversee the continuing preparation, drafting and refinement of the draft plan.

“We acknowledge that community has raised several concerns around the Master Plan through the consultation process and we’re looking at ways to address these issues.”

Professor Høj said the University would not proceed with its application for a Community Infrastructure Designation until the Master Plan was reviewed and approved by the UQ Senate.

“The review of the Master Plan will take on board feedback by the community, government agencies and technical studies,” he said.

“It is possible that further changes will be introduced as a result of the work of the steering group.

 “While the Master Plan has a major focus on creating a world-leading environment to support learning and research, it also recognises the campus needs to be well-planned and integrated within the wider city.

“Importantly, it recognises that the University should continue to be a good neighbour in its local community.”

Media: UQ Communications; 3365 1120; communications@uq.edu.au