Three students sit under the jacaranda trees at UQ.
UQ had 504 first-preference applications from Queensland school-leavers with OP1 scores as at 13 January.
29 January 2014

The majority of Queensland’s top-performing school-leavers have chosen The University of Queensland as their first preference for 2014.

UQ had 504 first-preference applications from Queensland school-leavers with OP1 scores as at 13 January.

This represents 72 per cent of all Queensland OP1 school-leaver university applicants.

A second round of offers will be made through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) on 6 February, and students have until midnight 30 January to change their preferences.

UQ President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Høj said the OP1 first preference applications to UQ had increased six per cent on last year’s figure and was the highest for any tertiary institution in Queensland.

“This shows that UQ, one of the world’s top 100 universities, continues to be a drawcard for high-calibre applicants, in particular Queensland school leavers with the highest possible OP score of OP1,” Professor Høj said.

“Each year we welcome talented and high-achieving students to UQ, regardless of their social or financial background, and we are pleased to continue that tradition in 2014.”

The second round of QTAC applications closed on 22 January, but applicants still have until 30 January to change or add preferences.

“UQ has already offered almost 11,000 students the opportunity to study at UQ through the 16 January round and we are looking forward to offering more students the chance to take a step towards becoming UQ graduates,” Professor Høj said.

“UQ provides students the opportunity to improve their leadership skills, gain global experience and pique their interest in discovery.”

“Our graduates are highly sought after by employers and are known as outstanding contributors to society.

Further details on the February QTAC round are available here.

Prospective students can contact UQ Admissions on (07) 3365 2203 for information about course vacancies.




Media: UQ Communications, 07 3346 0561 or

The University of Queensland will accept further applications and changes of preference for courses other than those listed below in the 6 February offer round.

  • 718001 - B Laws - St. Lucia campus
  • 707401 - B Arts /B Laws - St. Lucia campus
  • 711401 - B Business Management/B Laws - St. Lucia campus
  • 711901 - B Commerce/B Laws - St. Lucia campus
  • 714201 - B Economics/B Laws - St. Lucia campus
  • 731401 - B Science/B Laws - St. Lucia campus
  • 737102 - B Journalism/B Laws - St. Lucia campus
  • 718201 - B Laws(Graduate entry) - St. Lucia campus
  • 712002 - B Dental Science - Herston/St. Lucia campus
  • 743002 - B Oral Health - Herston/St. Lucia campus
  • 728002 - B Nursing - clinical schools/various campuses
  • 728402 - B Midwifery - Mater Clinical School
  • 728202 - B Nursing/B Midwifery- clinical schools/various campuses
  • 728602 - B Nursing/B Midwifery - Mater Clinical School
  • 720102 - B Exercise and Nutrition Sciences - St. Lucia campus
  • 729602 - B Exercise and Nutrition Sciences/Master of Dietetics Studies- St. Lucia campus
  • 729402 - B Health, Sport and Physical Education - St. Lucia campus
  • 757001 - B Psychological Science  - St. Lucia campus
  • 724002 - B Occupational Therapy - St. Lucia campus
  • 727002 - B Speech Pathology - St. Lucia campus
  • 721102 - MBBS (Provisional Entry for School-Leavers) - St. Lucia/Ipswich/Clinical Schools
  • 721202 - MBBS (Provisional Entry for School-Leavers - Bonded Medical Places) - St. Lucia/Ipswich/Clinical Schools
  • 723002 - B Music - St. Lucia campus
  • 723202 - B Music/B Education (Secondary) - St. Lucia campus
  • 723302 - B Music/B Arts - St. Lucia campus

Contact UQ Admissions on (07) 3365 2203 for further information regarding course vacancies.


Thursday 30 January 2014

Final date to change or add preferences for the 6 February offer round.

Thursday 6 February 2014

QTAC 6 February offer round.

Thursday 13 February 2014

Applicants must respond to their offer made on 6 February