17 January 2012

The University of Queensland is piloting a new course to enhance the academic writing and critical thinking skills of students about to commence Year 12.

Presented at the Ipswich campus by the University’s Faculty of Arts, the course is designed to enhance students' prospects for success in their year 12 studies by building their skills in gathering and assessing evidence, constructing arguments or interpretations, and presenting their findings in an effective way.

An invitation to participate in the pilot was issued to Year 11 students attending schools in Ipswich and the Lockyer Valley and 37 students commenced their studies this week.

Designed as a summer-intensive course, the program runs for one week and tuition is free for participating students.

Course Coordinator Professor Fred D’Agostino said the innovative course was funded by a Teaching and Learning Strategic Grant.

It was developed with a reference group including senior academics in the Faculty's School of English, Media Studies, and Art History, and School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics.

“The course aims to improve the students’ critical thinking and writing skills that are crucial for achieving success in Year 12, and to establish a strong platform for success at university level," he said.

"The course was designed around familiar challenges faced by all Year 12 students and is being delivered by young scholars in the disciplines of writing and philosophy.”

Students who successfully complete the course are eligible for a bonus rank for admission to UQ.

The course is being held at The University of Queensland Ipswich Campus daily this week to Friday, January 20.
• Jessica Freiberg, Marketing and Development Manager, UQ Ipswich Campus - 0421 587 278, (07) 3381 1068 or j.freiberg@uq.edu.au