18 July 2014

The University of Queensland (UQ) and the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) have agreed in principle to transfer the UQ Ipswich Campus to USQ to increase tertiary education opportunities in the region.

If the decision passes through all legal and relevant approvals, the transfer of the UQ Ipswich Campus to USQ will occur on, or around 7 January 2015.

UQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Peter Høj said the transfer was motivated by a desire to strengthen access to higher education in the region and to reflect the strategic objectives of each university.

“UQ and USQ have been discussing options for the UQ Ipswich Campus and this collaborative decision to transfer the Campus to USQ will be a boost to the area,” Professor Høj said.

“We expect that the transfer will ensure the Campus is used to the benefit of Ipswich and the Western Corridor region, by introducing a greater range of degree and tertiary preparatory offerings that will continue to meet the skills needs of business, industry and the community.

“USQ and UQ have different strategic goals and strengths. This decision allows both universities to concentrate on their strengths to benefit students, the Ipswich community and Queensland as a whole. 

“UQ is committed to ensuring UQ Ipswich students and staff are supported throughout the transition, and that they are kept fully informed during the process.

“This has been demonstrated by a two-year teach-out period during which UQ will continue to have access to the Campus to enable students to complete their UQ degrees, providing they complete their studies by the end of 2016.”

Professor Høj said UQ would continue to have a significant presence on Campus, with current intentions to continue key features such as the UQ Health Care GP superclinic.

University of Southern Queensland Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas said the two universities had been discussing options throughout 2013.

“We hope to cement long-term solutions that will develop new pathways into higher education for those living within the catchment area of the Ipswich Campus,” Professor Thomas said.

“UQ will look to transfer buildings and facilities at the Campus to USQ, allowing courses to be put in place to address the workforce and skills needs in Ipswich.  These courses will provide students with career options and skills that are highly valued in the workplace.”

Professor Thomas said a USQ presence at Ipswich would provide strong synergies with USQ Springfield and allow USQ to grow and increase higher education opportunities in the fast growing Western Corridor region.

“The wonderful facilities of the Ipswich Campus would allow USQ to focus more of its resources on the student experience rather than duplicating existing infrastructure,” Professor Thomas said.

“The future focus for Ipswich will be about strengthening the use of the Campus by broadening enrolments, diversifying program choice and ensuring the range of programs available through the Campus continues to meet the employability needs of local business and industry.”

For more information please visit the UQ Ipswich Update website at http://www.uq.edu.au/ipswich/update



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