Research at HIRS is enabled by modern research facilities and equipment featuring: a range of laboratories and aquaria, six vessels, SCUBA facilities including Nitrox, knowledgeable boating, diving, scientific and maintenance staff, workshop facilities and 24 hour access to the laboratory store.


Please note that permits are required for virtually all research activities and must be submitted to Station staff before arrival. Please apply for all permits as soon as possible.

Environmental Management System

Heron Island Research Station is situated in an area of significant environmental value. The Station's Environmental Management System (EMS) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) highlights the importance that the University places on identifying and managing the impacts that the Station's activities may have on the environment.

Risk Assessments

Please note that risk assessments are required for all research activities. These must meet your home institution requirements.

Long Term Research Agreements

The Heron Island Research Station Long Term Research Program is a scheme that promotes the establishment of a long-term research program on the research station. If you are a UQ researcher and you are considering developing a longer term project to be conducted on the station, contact the Station Manager to discuss what benefits or discounts may apply. 

When you are ready to apply, download and complete the Long-Term Research Application Form and email to the Station


Heron Island Research Station (HIRS) has identified the value of scholarships that promote research relevant to Heron Island, its terrestrial habitats, reefs and surrounding waters. The Station has developed the HIRS Research Scholarship to provide students with the equipment and access required for investigations of the diverse habitats and environmental concerns of Heron Island. These merit-based scholarships cover accommodation, laboratory and boating charges up to $2000 in kind in a 12 month period at HIRS for UQ Honours or Research Higher Degree students.