All actions will be influenced by the pressing need to attract substantially greater amounts of income from sources apart from the base Commonwealth Grant, in order to overcome prospective funding difficulties, provide adequate remuneration to staff, and remain dynamic and responsive to changing opportunities and demands into the future.  The University's long-term strategic objectives and immediate operational priorities for each of its key areas of activity are set out in full in later sections.  However, the University Senate has determined that the most critical operational priorities for the immediate future are to:

  1. attract and retain the most able students, with the aim of achieving equity and diversity in the student population;
  2. enhance students' learning experience with attention to improving student:staff ratios;
  3. support a research-based teaching and learning culture and practice;
  4. achieve a graduate student proportion of 25 percent, with increasing emphasis on research students;
  5. internationalise all facets of the University's endeavours;
  6. improve research productivity and quality, focusing on areas of strategic priority;
  7. maintain leadership in the transfer and commercialisation of intellectual property;
  8. increase and diversify the University's income base;
  9. implement best practice in managing people, resources and systems, ensuring equality of opportunity for all staff regardless of their background; and
  10. enhance the physical environment and facilities of the University, particularly teaching and learning facilities.

Strategic initiative funds will be applied preferentially in support of these priorities.