UQ Health, Safety and Wellness Strategy

Message from the Vice-Chancellor 

“We do amazing things at this University and it is my goal to ensure that our endeavours are undertaken in a manner that poses the lowest practicable risk to the health and safety of our students and staff. We know that the success of UQ depends on its people and we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of everyone who comes here to work and learn.

We are accountable for creating and maintaining safe and healthy work and learning spaces for the UQ community. We want to support a strong safety culture by enabling our people to work safely and productively. Everyone at UQ has a role to play as it is not acceptable for anyone to be harmed or injured as a result of their work, discovery or learning endeavours.

This strategy places emphasis on leaders at all levels to demonstrate to our staff and students that we are committed to their health, safety and wellness. To that end, I believe that it is essential that we espouse the cornerstone principles and embed them in our decision-making processes."

Professor Peter Høj
Vice-Chancellor and President

UQ HSW Strategic Plan 2017-2021 

By 2021, UQ aims to help the members of its community to take control of their health, safety and wellness while at work. By focussing beyond regulatory compliance and placing people at the centre of solutions, we will prevent harm and become a proactive health, safety and wellness organisation. In the pursuit of excellence, UQ will be recognised as a health, safety and wellness leader in the sector.

The attributes of the proactive health, safety and wellness organisation we seek are:

  • Managers and supervisors recognise that they influence the safety culture in their work areas and their behaviour is the key to ongoing improvement.
  • Leaders demonstrate their accountability and personal commitment to the cornerstone health, safety and wellness principles outlined on page 5.
  • Staff and students are confident that their health and safety is protected at UQ and is given the highest priority.
  • People make informed decisions to prevent harm without constraining our core business of learning, discovery and engagement.
  • We will examine what goes well and any issues that arise, and use both as an opportunity for learning and continuous improvement.

We have a moral and ethical responsibility for our people - by connecting wellness with occupational health and safety we can achieve this vision.

To ensure we achieve our vision for 2021, we must adhere to the following principles:


Five priorities have informed the design of our health, safety and wellness strategy:


A suite of indicators will be developed to provide us with the information we need to measure the progress and success of our priorities and initiatives.

At its core, four simple measures can be used to gauge the overall success of the strategy:

  1. An increase in safety culture perception among staff and students.
  2. An increase in wellbeing satisfaction among staff and students.
  3. An increase in health, safety and wellness proactive actions.
  4. A decrease in the frequency and severity of injury or illness.



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