About UQnav

UQnav is a new, free mobile application that contains searchable maps of UQ's campuses. Enter your destination and UQnav will show you where it's located. Students, staff and visitors can use UQnav to help find lecture theatres, laboratories, school and faculty offices, as well as where to grab a coffee, have a bite to eat or catch up with friends.


Phone Features

  • Interactive maps of UQ's St Lucia, Gatton and Herston campuses
  • Search by building number or keyword
  • Browse location categories for buildings, banks, cafes, Transport and more.
  • Bookmark your favourite locations.
  • GPS and directional line to quide you to your destinations
  • Access additonal information such as building image, phone number and websites.

Quick user guide

STEP 1: (Campus Screen) Select your campus by swiping the campus image right to left. When the correct campus is displayed tap to select.

Step 1 Select Campus

STEP 2: (Search or Browse Screen) Swipe up and down to view location categories. Tap to select the desired caregory and repeat to select the the desired building or facility.

Step 2 Search or browse locations

STEP 3: (Map Screen) You can use a two finger pinch/spread to zoom in and out or drag/flick your finger accross the screen to move the map. Your destination is indicated by a purple pin, Your current location is connected by a blue directional line and indicated by a blue dot.



UQnav for iPhone was launched in February 2011 and has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. New features include a choice of standard or hybrid map view and the ability to view the distance to your destination. UQnav for iPhone can be downloaded through the iTunes App Store.


UQnav for Android was launched in May 2011, making the app available to a wider group of smart phone users. The Android launch follows the successful release of UQnav for iPhone. UQnav for Android can be downloaded form this website or through the Android Market.

Apple app store Android market store


Technical Support

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  • Bug Reports

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User Suggestions

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General FAQs

How do I get UQnav?
You can get UQnav through your OS store or directly through the phone. Provided on this page is a button to either the Apple App Store or the Android Market.
How much does UQnav cost?
Nothing, UQnav is free.
How do I search UQnav?
UQnav is searchable by keyword. You can also search by location type (eg cafes, banks, public transport).
Can I look up the nearest cafes and restaurants?
Yes. UQnav doesn't just contain buildings where lectures and tutorials are held. You can also search for food and beverage outlets, libraries, banks, retail outlets, sports facilities and other points of interest.
Will it show me where the nearest amenities are?
Yes. UQnav can show you where the nearest toilets for people with disabilities are located, as well as parenting change facilities.
Will it give me directions?
UQnav will display your current location and destination, but won't give you step-by-step instructions on how to get there.
Can I bookmark the locations I visit most frequently?
Yes. Using the favourites functionality built into UQnav, you can easily save the locations you visit regularly.