The UQ credit precedent database is to be used as a GUIDE ONLY in preparing your study plan for exchange. The database shows courses at UQ and overseas institutions that have been approved for previous students on exchange, yet they may no longer be available at your host university, nor offerred in the correct semester for your exchange.

Click HERE to access the Credit Precedent Database.

NB: Credit is awarded in accordance with university policies 3.50.03 Credit for Previous Studies and Recognised Prior Learning. The amount of credit awarded depends on the recency of the studies and equivalence to current courses at UQ, and is subject to limits specified in the University’s General Award Rules and program rules.

Please always confirm your course choices by visiting the HOST UNIVERSITY COURSE CATALOGUE directly, which you can find on each university's page here.

If you do not find the course you are looking for/any courses for the university you are interested in, please contact UQ Abroad here.

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