The UQ Student Survey Framework 

The University of Queensland Student Survey Framework has been established to ensure surveys undertaken at UQ are consistently of a high standard; do not duplicate or overlap with other UQ surveys; do not over survey UQ students and graduates; adhere to right to information and ethical standards; and are disseminated and utilised appropriately.

Internal Surveys 

  • UQ Library Survey
  • The purpose of the Library Survey is to seek feedback from students (and UQ staff) about Library information provision, Library spaces and Library services. Results from the survey are used also for international benchmarking.

External Surveys

Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT)

The QILT is a coherent suite of national, higher education surveys endorsed by Department of Education and Training that covers student life cycle from commencement to employment.

The QILT survey suite consists of:

  • Student Experience Survey (SES)
  • Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)
  • Graduate Outcomes Survey - Longitudinal (GOS - L )
  • Employers Satisfaction Survey (ESS)

All are cross sectional, point-in-time surveys except the GOS/GOS-L, which is longitudinal.

The Department of Education commissioned the Social Research Centre (SRC) as the independent administrator of QILT, which involves:

  • Undertaking data collection of the QILT surveys
  • Reporting on the outcomes of each of these surveys
  • Supporting all higher education institutions (universities and private providers) in relation to QILT
  • Creating, monitoring and updating the QILT website.

The Student Experience Questionnaire (SEQ) focuses on measureable aspects of students’ higher education course experiences linked to student support, learning resources, learner engagement, teaching and development outcomes, and which are amenable to institutional influence.
Around 100,000 surveys are completed by students each year. Data is collected through an online platform.
From 2017 the in-scope population for the SES will include commencing and final year undergraduate and postgraduate coursework higher education students who are onshore in Australia.

Further information can be accessed here: QILT-SES

The Graduate Outcomes Questionnaire (GOQ) focuses on mainly graduate destinations such as further study or employment.
The in-scope population includes undergraduate and postgraduate higher education students:
∙ who completed their qualification consistent with the cycle of UQ graduation ceremonies (i.e. July graduates are surveyed in November and December graduates are surveyed in the following May)
∙ as an international or domestic onshore student
Data will be collected through an online platform using an approach consistent with the SES.

Further information can be accessed here: QILT-GOS

The focus of the Graduate Outcomes Survey - Longitudinal (GOS-L) is on understanding the medium term labour force outcomes of recent graduates. The GOS-L replaces the Beyond Graduation Survey (BGS) from 2017.

Participation is open to graduates who responded (3 years’ prior to the GOS-L) by completing the corresponding Australian Graduate Survey (AGS, up to 2014) or GOS (from 2015).

Further information can be accessed here: QILT-GOS-L

ESS (Employer Satisfaction Survey)
All employment supervisors of GOS graduates are in-scope for the ESS. Contact with employment supervisors takes place after responses are collected from the GOS.

International Student Barometer and Student Barometer

The University also takes part in the International Student Barometer (ISB) and Student Barometer.  The ISB is:

• An independent and confidential feedback process for education providers, tracking the decision-making, perceptions, expectations and experiences of students studying outside their home country.
• A risk management tool, identifying the key drivers of international student satisfaction and establishing the relative importance of each.
• A comparative measure, tracking year on year how expectations and perceptions change - within your institution and against national and global benchmarks.

2011 ISB and SB results
2010 ISB results

Historic Surveys

Australasian survey of student engagement (AUSSE)

A decision was also made to replace the UQ student experience survey with the Australasian survey of student engagement (AUSSE). The AUSSE is conducted by the Australian Council for Educational Research and provides an opportunity to benchmark responses against other universities. First and later-year bachelor degree students are surveyed, assessing several dimensions of students’ engagement in their university education and a range of learning outcomes. The AUSSE was used between 2009 adn 2012.

AUSSE Reports are available to staff via the MIS Reportal under Students --> Survey --> AUSSE

UQ Student Experience Survey (UQSES)

The UQSES was conducted biennially from 2001-2007.  The survey aimed to assess students' perceptions of teaching, program and course quality; the acquisition and development of graduate attributes; the quality of teaching and learning facilities, resources and services; and the quality of general facilities, resources and services. 

The survey was administered to:

  • first year undergraduate students;
  • final year undergraduate (including honours) students; and
  • postgraduate coursework students.  

The survey was administered in 2001, 2003 and, most recently, in 2007.

UQSES Reports are available to staff via the MIS Reportal under Students --> Survey --> UQSES

Institutional course evaluation (iCEVAL)

iCEVAL Reports from previous years are available to staff via the MIS Reportal under Students --> Survey --> iCEVAL

Annual Student Feedback Report

These reports combine the student survey feedback results obtained using the Institutional Course Evaluation (iCEVAL), Teaching Evaluation (TEVAL), Course Quality Scale (CQS, from the UQSES), and the Australasian Survey of Student Engagement (AUSSE).


Student Surveys section

2006 Annual Student Feedback Report


2007 Annual Student Feedback Report

2008 Annual Student Feedback Report

2009 Annual Student Feedback Report

2010 Annual Student Feedback Report

The Student Experience Survey (SES) - 2018

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