The University has a number of rules, policies and procedures that govern teaching and learning practice. Much of the policy and administrative work done at UQ is accomplished through a range of committees, some of which are primarily concerned with teaching and learning issues. There are a number of committees that are particularly relevant to the formation and management of teaching and learning policy at UQ:

  • Teaching and Learning Committee - Chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic). Enhancements to the University's teaching and learning direction are overseen by the Teaching and Learning Committee, which reports to the Academic Board on matters of teaching and learning policy.
  • Assessment Sub-committee of the Teaching and Learning Committee - Chaired by the President of the Academic Board. The University's assessment policies and practices are under constant review by the Assessment Sub-Committee as part of the University's quality assurance practices. 
  • Student Expierence Committee - Chaired by the Ddeputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic). Addresses priority issues regarding improvement projects and initiatives, and sponsors a coordinated and coherent University-wide strategy pertaining to the quality of the UQ student experience that is not connected to matters of curriculum or teaching and learning quality and policies.
  • Teaching and Learning Space Committee  - Chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process and contributes significantly to student learning outcomes. Given the importance of assessment, the University of Queensland strives to ensure that its policies and practices are designed as far as possible to maximise learning.

UQ Policy and Procedures Library - Teaching and Learning

Section 3 of the PPL details policies relating to teaching and learning. While policy expresses the University’s official position on a particular issue,  many policies have associated procedures/guidelines that detail how the policy is to be enacted or implemented.  


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The Assessment Sub-Committee of the Teaching and Learning Committee operates...

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