Student Relations Network

Get a head start as soon as you accept your offer.

Expect a call from an experienced student already studying your degree!

We'll be calling you soon!

What we do

There are some things you just need to hear from other UQ students. Our Call Crew are a group of over 80 experienced UQ students who have the exciting job of welcoming you to your new program of study.

We'll discuss what to do next in terms of enrolment, sign on, accessing resources for success or suggesting activities (academic or social) to take part in.

Our Crew are happy to answer any questions about the process of starting at uni, your new degree or anything else you want to know about uni life.

Our Crew represent nearly every program offered at UQ St Lucia, Gatton and Herston. Get your questions ready and if you have questions now, connect with us via email or Facebook.

When we call

If you're a domestic undergraduate student commencing study at UQ, you can expect your first phone call once you accept your offer from QTAC. 

We also make follow up calls at other times during your first year, depending on when you commenced.

You've had a couple of weeks of classes at this stage and might be considering changing direction. Chat to us about the importance of choosing your pathway prior to the Census date each semester.

Second semester
You can expect your final call during your second semester. We'll talk about how your first semester went, your results and your plans for the next semester.

Call Crew Testimonials

Call Crew members...

"Being an SRN Crew member is one of the best experiences so far at UQ. Thank you for giving me an amazing opportunity and for paid work on campus."

"I think the SRN is such a wonderful endeavour. I truly believe, and have seen for myself, that this benefits UQ students - those being called and us, the ones calling. I am grateful to be a part of this experience."

Faculty staff...

"The results have allowed us to better understand our students first few weeks at university. We are using the information gathered by the SRN Call Crew to shape future orientation session and 'getting started' resources including web pages, videos and programs.


We hope to undertake similar engagement via the SRN Call Crew with students commencing each semester."