In order to use SWOT VAC effectively, you must not only manage your time but also manage yourself and the task of revising.

Develop a study timetable so that you can allocate time to study.  It is recommended that students spend approximately 10 hours studying per week per course, including contact time during the semester.  You should also ensure that you allocate time for revision.

Hints for developing a Study Timetable

  1. Organise your time
    Work out how many exams you have, how many chapters and topics you have to revise, as well as how many days you have to dedicate to revision.  Use this to organise a schedule.

  2. Healthy body = Healthy mind
    Incorporate regular exercise into your routine and ensure that you maintain a healthy diet. 

  3. Give yourself a break
    Marathon study sessions are seldom effective; give yourself regular breaks.  For example, study for 60 minutes then take a 5-10 minute break.

  4. Set goals
    Break up study sessions by setting goals for yourself each half hour.  These goals could be things like:  concept mapping a chapter, reading through lecture notes, answering chapter questions, or making flash cards for key definitions.

  5. Practice makes perfect
    When you are feeling confident, try completing some practice exams.  You can obtain copies of past exam papers on the library home page by clicking on the search tab.