In order for groups to run as smoothly as possible it can be a good idea to assign roles to members.  Sometimes this happens naturally, but if not, assigning and rotating roles, if necessary, can be a good way of ensuring the work load is distributed amongst all members of the group.


The role of the manager is to take on the responsibility of:

  • getting the group organised
  • keeping the group on task
  • organising tasks into sub-tasks
  • making sure everyone has a chance to contribute


The role of the sceptic is to:

  • ensure the group avoids premature agreement
  • ask questions that will lead to understanding
  • push the group to explore all possibilities


The role of the recorder is to:

  • check for consensus among group members
  • record the group’s solutions


The role of the conciliator is to:

  • resolve conflicts
  • minimise interpersonal stress
  • ensure that members feel ‘safe’ to give opinions


The role of the explainer is to:

  • re-emphasise the main points
  • check understanding
  • ensure that each member understands the task, their component and what they have to do