Convince the reader that the thesis will make an original contribution to the area being investigated

This requires the review of relevant background material so as to identify gaps, weaknesses, problems or controversies that need to be addressed.


"In modern wireless-communication systems, multipath propagation and co-channel interference are primary factors limiting the quality of signal transmission. The smart antenna is one of the promising techniques to overcome problems of multipath propagation and co-channel interference. In general, it is classified into switched-beam and adaptive arrays (1). ... The advantages of the switched-beam antenna are the simplicity of its tracking algorithm and low cost. However, it is limited in terms of combating interference. The adaptive array offers better performance in terms of fighting interference. However, this is at the expense of higher costs associated with the sophisticated signal processing algorithm and complicated hardware implementations.

In this paper, we describe ..., which provides an intermediate solution."

Source: P. Ngamjanyaporn, M. Krairiksh and M. Bialkowski (2005), Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 45: 411-415.