The Day of the Exam

  • Ensure you get a good night sleep the night before
  • If your exam is in the morning, wake up early and ensure you are wide awake (take a walk if needed)
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Avoid last minute cramming
  • Know the location and time of the exam
  • Arrive in plenty of time - aim to be early
  • Avoid the pre-exam buzz

In the Exam Room

  • Listen carefully to the supervisor’s instructions
  • Read through the entire exam before you start to write
  • Determine the option you will choose, if there are choices
  • Use the marking scheme to allocate your time
  • Circle the key words in questions
  • Answer the easy questions first
  • Hand in rough work too
  • When you have finished, take a break (if time permits) then re-read your work for any errors or omissions
  • Cross out work rather than using white-out as it is faster
  • Attempt all questions