Do set an agenda
Set this ahead of time to ensure members can be prepared.

Do take notes
Ensure that one person takes down ideas so they aren’t lost.

Do assign tasks and set deadlines
Go beyond simply agreeing that something needs to be done; assign tasks and allocate timelines.

Do make suggestions
Be prepared to evaluate the group’s performance by looking at how things can be better managed.

Do deal with problems as they arise
Try not to let concerns fester as these will often turn into bigger problems.

Do swap contact details
Ensure that after you meet, you are able to contact each other if needed.

Do decide on specific roles
This will ensure that everyone contributes to the task.


Don't dominate conversations
Allowing one person to take over can lead to problems later on.

Don't talk over others
Ensure that all members’ perspectives are listened to and valued.

Don't just agree
It is important that all perspectives are put forward so that intellectual debate can flourish.  Be a genuine contributor to your group.