Students with various types of disability may experience difficulty undertaking some tasks associated with academic requirements. The disability may be temporary, as in the case of a fractured wrist, or permanent, as in the case of cerebral palsy.



If you are a new student or develop a need to use the Peer Note-taking Program, you will need to contact a Disability Adviser to determine your eligibility for the Peer Note-taking Program.

The Program is available to students who have difficulty taking notes as a result of various types and degrees of sensory, physical or other disabilities. The disability may be of a temporary nature or permanent.


Once a Disability Adviser has confirmed your eligibility, they will register you for the Program. Usually notes will be typed or scanned documents which will be emailed to you. If electronic notes are not feasible, you will be given a folder number from which you will collect your notes during the semester. When you register you will be informed of the location of your folder.


As a recipient of the Peer Note-taking Program, you must:

  • Attend your lectures and tutorials;
  • Take key notes if you are able to;
  • Download or collect your notes on a weekly basis. (Notes are usually available within a week of each lecture/tutorial);
  • Notify the Disability Adviser immediately if you withdraw from a course for which you are receiving notes.

You should immediately contact the Disability Adviser if notes are not being provided 4 weeks after your registration.

Please note:

Notes will be only provided after you register for the Program and a note-taker has been recruited. This process can take three weeks. We are not able to guarantee provision of notes for the period before your registration with the Program.

The Peer Note-taking Program is volunteer-based. While every effort is made to recruit as many as Peer Note-takers as needed, the University is unable to guarantee suitable or punctual delivery of notes for all students who apply to use the Program.


If you have concerns over the quality of the notes you are receiving, or if you encounter any other problems with the Program, contact your Disability Adviser.

What is Peer Note-taking?

The Peer Notetaking Program helps students who are unable to take adequate notes due to a disability. In this Program, a student Peer Note-taker is recruited to provide a copy of their lecture and tutorial notes on a weekly basis for the student(s) who require them.

What is involved?

Peer Note-takers must type or scan their notes within 3 days of each lecture/tutorial and upload them to the Disability Management System (DMS). Typed notes are the preferred format. The notes are retrieved from the DMS by the recipient student.


Peer Note-takers receive $10 per lecture note upload. Payment will be made in the mid-semester break and in the study week before final exams for the semester. Lecture notes will only be purchased if they capture extra information which is not available in other materials (such as those taken from Blackboard).


If you are interested in becoming a Peer Note-taker for future semesters, please login to the Disability Management System (DMS). Remember to include your contact details, list of enrolled subjects and last exam results. If your Peer Note-taking services are required, Student Services will contact you with further information and a registration form. Student Services may liaise with the lecturer to assess suitability.


For general enquiries relating to Peer Note-taking, please contact the Disability Administrative Officer at