Art Therapy provides an opportunity for you to express and explore your thoughts, emotions, feelings and experiences in a creative way allowing the use of both verbal and non-verbal expression.  

Most importantly Art Therapy is about the process of creating the artwork, rather than the end product. Art Therapy does not require any previous art experience at all, anyone can engage in Art Therapy.

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  • What to expect

    You will explore a different topic each week and have the opportunity to different art materials including paint, collage, clay, drawing and more. 

    Anyone can attend as many of these groups as they wish regardless of art experience. Art created in these groups are personal reflections to be used in a therapeutic context to explore the weeks topic. 

    Art Therapy groups will run for two hours on a Monday afternoon at 1pm-3pm at St Lucia Campus. There will be six sessions in total and students can attend as many or as few of the groups they wish. 

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