The University of Queensland Publication Scheme is established under section 21 of the Right to Information Act 2009. Our publication scheme describes and categorises information routinely available from the department. It has been developed to give the community greater access to information as part of the response to the review of Freedom of Information laws.  

Accessing this Information

Where possible these documents are available free of charge for you to download. Some PDF versions of scanned documents may not be readable by accessibility devices such as screen readers. If you're having difficulty accessing any of these documents, contact us on +61 7 3365 2571 or email and we'll provide the information in a suitable format.

Our Publication Scheme

Information is grouped and accessible through seven classes:

About Us - This describes who we are and what we do
Our Services - This provides details of the services which we provide
Our Finances - This describes what we spend and how we spend it
Our Priorities - This describes what our priorities and how we are doing
Our Decisions - This describes how we make decisions
Our Policies - This describes our internal policies and procedures
Our Lists - This contains details of our lists and registers

Our Publication Scheme does not include information of the following kinds:

  • Personal information;
  • Information that could affect our commercial operations;
  • Information which is archived, out of date or otherwise inaccessible; or
  • Information the routine release of which would be impractical or resource intensive.

Complaints and inquiries

Any inquiries about this publication scheme or complaints about the information contained in the publication scheme should be sent to the Right to Information and Privacy Office on or phone on 3365 2571.

Publications Scheme section

About Us

About Us

Information about us, our structure and functions, locations and contacts.


University Profile -

Organisational Information

Legal Framework


Location and Contact Details

Annual Report -

Online Reports: -

Whats New ?

Controlled Entities

Controlled Entities

Under its constituting legislation, UQ has authority to establish companies that may further the University’s educational and research aims. The activities of such limited liability companies can include fundraising for and commercialisation of intellectual property developed by the University. Financial statements are prepared by each company and audited by the Queensland Audit Office. They are then consolidated with those of the University.

UQ Investment Trust Group

UniQuest and Uniquest Asset Trust Group

IMBCom Pty Ltd

UniQuest Pty Ltd

UQ Investment Trust

UniQuest Asset Trust

Cyclagen Pty Ltd

Ausonex Pty Ltd

Kalthera Pty Ltd

Cloevis Pty Ltd

IMBCom Asset Management Pty Ltd

Dendright Pty Ltd


Leximancer Pty Ltd

UQ Holdings Group

Lucia Publishing Systems Pty Ltd

UQ Holdings Pty Ltd

Metallotek Pty Ltd

UQ Health Care Ltd

Neo Rehab Pty Ltd

UQ College Ltd

Pepfactants Pty Ltd

UQ Sport Ltd

Rapisure Pty Ltd

UQH Finance Pty Ltd

Symbiosis Pty Ltd


UATC Pty Ltd

JK Tech Group


JK Tech Pty Ltd

UWAT Pty Ltd

Applied Resource Economics Pty Ltd


JK Africa Mining Solutions Pty Ltd


JKTech South America SpA

UQ Foundation Trust




UQ Jakata Office Pty Ltd

IMBcom Asset Trust Group


IMBCom Asset Trust

Global Change Institute Pty Ltd

CCA Therapeutics Pty Ltd


Our Decisions

Our Decisions

This section sets out how we make and record decisions.


The University of Queensland is governed by a 22-member Senate representing University and community interests. Senate is led by the Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor, elected by the Senate. The University of Queensland Act 1998 grants Senate wide powers to appoint staff, manage and control University affairs and property, and manage and control finances to promote the University's interests.

For more information on the Senate click here -


The Vice-Chancellor is the University's chief executive officer and responsible to the Senate for the overall direction of strategic planning, finance and external affairs.

For more information on the Vice-Chancellor click here -

Vice-Chancellor’s Executive

The Vice-Chancellor is supported by an Executive to whom most of the University's organisational units report.  

For more information on the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive click here -

Academic Board

The Academic Board is the University's senior academic advisory body. The Board formulates policy on academic matters including new programs, teaching, learning and assessment, research, promotions, student academic matters, prizes and scholarships.

For more information on the Academic Board click here -

Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for co-ordinating the University's financial, physical, human, legal, management information, corporate operations, commercial activities, marketing and communications, information technology services and occupational health and safety services.  The Chief Operating Officer is the key advisor to Senate on governance and other matters, acts as the University Secretary and is the Public Officer for the University.

For more information on the Chief Operating Officer -


Committees are the engine rooms which drive much of the University’s policy and administrative work. 

For more information on University Committees -

Our Finances
Our Lists

Our Lists

This section contains details of lists and registers maintained by the University:

Our Policies

Our Policies

The UQ Policy and Procedures Library (PPL) is the central UQ repository for approved policies, procedures, guidelines and forms. 

Our Priorities

Our Priorities

Our Services

Our Services

The University of Queensland provides a wide range of services locally, nationally and internationally to staff, students, and the wider community.

Student Services

 Staff Services

Community Services

Publications and resources

Publications and resources

 For further information on the Right to Information Act 2009 and the Information Privacy Act 2009 , refer to the following publications:


The following websites contain additional information relating to Right to Information and Privacy: