This section sets out how we make and record decisions.


The University of Queensland is governed by a 22-member Senate representing University and community interests. Senate is led by the Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor, elected by the Senate. The University of Queensland Act 1998 grants Senate wide powers to appoint staff, manage and control University affairs and property, and manage and control finances to promote the University's interests.

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The Vice-Chancellor is the University's chief executive officer.  The Vice-Chancellor is responsible to the Senate for the leadership, management and development of the University, the implementation of the University's policies and the achievement of its strategic goals.

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Vice-Chancellor’s Executive

The Vice-Chancellor is supported by an Executive to whom most of the University's organisational units report.  

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Academic Board

The Academic Board is the University's senior academic advisory body. The Board formulates policy on academic matters including new programs, teaching, learning and assessment, research, promotions, student academic matters, prizes and scholarships.

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Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for co-ordinating the University's financial, physical, human, legal, management information, corporate operations, commercial activities, information technology and occupational health and safety services.

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Committees are the engine rooms which drive much of the University’s policy and administrative work. 

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