Under its constituting legislation, UQ has authority to establish companies that may further the University’s educational and research aims. The activities of such limited liability companies can include fundraising for and commercialisation of intellectual property developed by the University. Financial statements are prepared by each company and audited by the Queensland Audit Office. They are then consolidated with those of the University.

PrimEd Group

–– PrimEd Pty Ltd

–– Health Insitu Pty Ltd

UQ Holdings Group

–– UQ Holdings Pty Ltd

CiTR Group

–– CiTR Pty Ltd

–– CiTR Incorporated

IMBcom Group

–– IMBcom Pty Ltd

–– IMBcom Asset Management Pty Ltd

–– Kalthera Pty Ltd

–– Cyclagen Pty Ltd

IMBcom Asset Trust

–– CCA Therapeutics Pty Ltd

JK Tech Group

–– JK Tech Pty Ltd

–– Applied Resources Economics Pty Ltd

Sarv Pty Ltd

i.lab Incubator Pty Ltd

UniQuest Group

–– UniQuest Pty Ltd

–– Activetorque Pty Ltd

–– Ausonex Pty Ltd

–– Bireme Pty Ltd

–– Coridon Pty Ltd

–– Dendright Pty Ltd

–– Diabax Pty Ltd

–– First Investor Pty Ltd

–– Herdvac Pty Ltd

–– Leximancer Pty Ltd

–– Lucia Publishing Systems Pty Ltd

–– Neurotide Pty Ltd

–– Pepfactants Pty Ltd

–– Polyvacc Pty Ltd

–– Rapisure Pty Ltd

–– Symbiosis Pty Ltd

–– UATC Pty Ltd

–– UTSAT Pty Ltd

–– UWAT Pty Ltd

–– Vacquel Pty Ltd 

University of Queensland

Foundation Trust

UQ Investment Trust

–– JKTech Pty Ltd *

UniQuest Asset Trust

–– Aussie Colours Pty Ltd

–– Bilexys Pty Ltd

–– Ceramipore Pty Ltd

–– Corpison Pty Ltd

–– Dendrimed Pty Ltd

–– LanguageMap Pty Ltd

–– Lightanate Pty Ltd

–– Neo Rehab Pty Ltd

–– NuNerve Pty Ltd

–– Progel Pty Ltd

–– Tenasitech Pty Ltd

–– Xenimet Pty Ltd

–– Snoresounds Pty Ltd

UQ Sport Limited

Global Change Institute Pty Ltd

UQ Health Care Limited

UQ College Limited

*JK Tech is controlled by UQ Holdings, not the UQ Investment Trust.  The UQ Investment Trust was settled on August 21, 2007, and holds a minority interest in JK Tech.