A record is information created or received that provides evidence of decisions or actions of UQ while undertaking its business. As a public authority we have a legal responsibility to make sure that these records are managed effectively, retained for the required period of time, and then disposed of appropriately.

Record Archives Management Services (RAMS) is located within Information Technology Services (ITS) and is responsible for the strategic management of The University’s recordkeeping systems, records of enduring value, developing policies and providing advice.

Goals for 2016

RAMS will be implementing elements of the Strategic Records and Information Management Plan which was endorsed by the Strategic Information Management Committee (SIMC).

These initiatives include:

  • Promote a culture of shared responsibility by providing the software and training necessary for staff to manage their own records. Establishment of processes and auditing for quality assurance rather than providing a registration service for others.
  • Promote staged rollout of endorsed recordkeeping system HP Records Manager (RM). 
  • Expand early disposal of digitized records for items with temporary retentions.
  • Begin transition of staff files from hard copy to electronic.


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Now you can run a search for keywords which are not in the title of the document but contained within. So far 2015 documents have been re-indexed and the remainder will be completed in the coming days. This will be especially useful for...

29 January 2016

From Monday 18 January you’ll no longer be able to review information located under the student misconduct search tab within the Student e-File site.   This change was requested by the Academic Registrar’s Office...

18 January 2016

A HR Working Party are meeting regularly to recommend how UQ will transition from physical staff files to electronic from next year.  Staff members from many HR sections of UQ are involved and are coming up with innovative ideas on how...

4 December 2015