TRIM Upgrade 15-16 July

The approved date for the TRIM upgrade in 2017 is July 15-16. This is during a University vacation week in the inter-semester recess. This date was chosen to reduce impact on student administration. 

This upgrade will allow better integration with recent versions of Microsoft Office and provides access via a web client for staff who use Macs or who are not on the ITS central domain.

This page will be updated as we have more information to share.

What's new in the upgraded release?

The icon will change from Records Manager 8.1 to Content Manager 9.1

Current Icon New Icon

The user interface is arranged in ribbons to look more like Microsoft products and to improve user experience and access.

The main view for most users will consist of four tabs:  Home, Search, View and Manage

The "TRIM landing Page" comprises four main sections for the menu.

Ribbon Menu - Ribbon Menu is comprised of tabs with a set of associated menu items under each tab. Some menu items have a black arrow on the side which contain sub-tasks within the item. Note: This menu is similar to MS Word.

Accordion Menu - Located on the left hand side of the screen, the Accordion Menu displays a list of menus and associated tasks. Task with a black arrow on the side contains sub-tasks within the item. 

Primary Processing Screen - Refers to the top section of the processing screen. The Primary Processing Screen will display items from search requests.

Secondary Processing Screen - Refers to the bottom section of the processing screen. This section expands/provides further details on an item selected from the Primary Processing Screen. For example, in the below screenshot, details are listed in the Primary Processing Screen, and further detailed information will be displayed in the Secondary Processing Screen.

Users will also see a Shortcuts Pane on the left side of the screen which contains: Recent, Favourites and Trays

Users will be able to customize the look to suit their needs.

When will training be offered?

Training guides are currently in development and will be available through the RAMS website and through Blackboard.

All relevant user guides will be updated and will be available to staff following the upgrade.

Rationale for the upgrade and timing:

The dates for the upgrade outage have been approved by ITS Project Advisory Board (PAB).  The upgrade was scheduled for the mid-Semester break to reduce any potential impact to student administrators.

ITS collects feedback and lessons learnt from previous upgrades, incorporating feedback from instructors and senior staff on the suitability of the day, on the best way to prepare for the upgrade outage and to mitigate impacts. This information is used in the date selection and communications plan. 

When and how will testing be conducted?

ITS has begun testing the upgrade process and the new release. The testing process occurs over 3 testing environments, and involves system administrators, database administrators, servers and storage engineers, integration units and the RAMS team.



What is a record and who we are

A record is information created or received that provides evidence of decisions or actions of UQ while undertaking its business. As a public authority we have a legal responsibility to make sure that these records are managed effectively, retained for the required period of time, and then disposed of appropriately.

Record Management Services (also known as RAMS or Records) is located within Information Technology Services (ITS) and is responsible for the strategic management of The University’s recordkeeping systems, records of enduring value, developing policies and providing advice.

Advice and information requests
Extension 53361
Staff file requests
Extension 52831

Student emails for automatic registration

3 weeks to go 


As the Student and Research e-File are read-only versions of the records contained in TRIM they will be upgraded when the main software changes from RM8 to CM9 over the weekend 15-16 July. You will not need to do anything...

28 June 2017

A Queensland police sergeant has been fined for inappropriate searches.

21 June 2017

We are planning to upgrade to the latest version of TRIM called Content Manager 9.1 over the weekend 15-16 July.  This upgrade will allow integration with newer versions of Office and provides a web client for those staff who use...

8 June 2017