A record is information created or received that provides evidence of decisions or actions of UQ while undertaking its business. As a public authority we have a legal responsibility to make sure that these records are managed effectively, retained for the required period of time, and then disposed of appropriately.

Record Management Services (also known as RAMS or Records) is located within Information Technology Services (ITS) and is responsible for the strategic management of The University’s recordkeeping systems, records of enduring value, developing policies and providing advice.

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In March nearly 150,000 items were registered in RM.  Student records dominated with nearly 120,000 followed by around 17,000 UQ records and nearly 7,000 staff records. Nearly 80% of the items registered were completed by...

3 April 2017

In February we had nearly 45,000 items registered into Records Manager and this figure is sure to increase now that the students have started back....

1 March 2017