The aim of this page is to provide quick and easy links to information about some of the fundamental aspects of the Olympic Movement. This includes research specific to the Olympic Movement by Dr. Jobling and students of the HIST3003 class, Olympic News and links to websites containing more detailed Olympic information. Viewers will also be able to learn more about the Olympic Charter and principles of Olympism, in line with the Centre for Olympic Studies (COS) mission to "foster greater awareness and understanding about the Olympic Movement".

The Olympic Movement section

Ian Joblings Research

Ian Joblings Research

Dr Ian Jobling (far left) and Richard Cashman (far right) receiving the
Vikelas Plaque at the International Society of Olympic Historians (ISOH)

Dr Ian Jobling, Sport and Olympic Historian, is an Honorary Reader and Director of the Centre for Olympic Studies in the School of Human Movement Studies at The University of Queensland. He was inaugural Editorial Review Board Member of Olympika: International Journal of Olympic Studies.

Dr Jobling has linked his research interests in the socio-cultural aspects of sport, especially the Olympic Movement, with Olympic Education. He is currently an Honorary Consultant and member of the International Steering Committee of the Greece-based Foundation of Olympic and Sport Education (FOSE) which has produced an Olympic Education program with the support of the International Olympic Committee and UNESCO to be used in schools globally.  

Ian was also an inaugural  member of the Education and Ethics Committee of WADA - the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Ian received the Australian Prime Minister and Governor General's 2000 Australian Sports Medal for services to Olympic Movement and Olympic Education. In December 2013, Ian was one of the first two Australians to receive the Vikelas Award of the International Society of Olympic Historians (ISOH) for dedication and service to the Olympic Movement (pictured above).

Listed below is a collection of research publications on the Olympic Movement written by Dr. Ian Jobling:

Effect of the Olympic Games on urban societies: a case of study of Sydney 2000 

'The Lion of Athens': The Genesis of the Olympic Movement in Australia

The Crumpled Laurel Wreath: International Sport in Disarray

Australian Women at the Olympic Games: Swimmers not Runners

The Making of a Nation Through Sport: Australia and the Olympic Games from Athens to Berlin, 1898-1916

Olympic Proposals and Bids by Australian Cities

Strained Beginnings and Friendly Farewells: The Games of the XVI Olympiad Melbourne 1956

Richard Coombes and the Olympic Movement in Australia: Imperialism and Nationalism in Action

For information and links to publications authored by Ian Jobling please visit

Olympic Links

Olympic Links

The Centre for Olympic Studies intends this page to be used as a convenient portal to access web pages that offer the latest Olympic news and quality Olympic information. This includes the websites of various national and international Olympic bodies as well as numerous sites related to Olympic education.

The Centre for Olympic Studies does not, however, take responsibility for what is included on the linked websites and does not endorse or sponsor any of these organisations.




Queensland Olympic Council

Queensland Olympic Council

The Queensland Olympic Council (QOC)

As the state office of the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), the QOC aims to provide both Queensland and Australian athletes with the best possible opportunity to reach their highest potential and to achieve the ultimate goal of representing Australia with distinction at the Olympic Games.

The QOC is also committed to helping spread and maintain the ideals of Olympism and the Olympic Movement through education and the development of Queensland based Australian athletes by encouraging both high performance sport and sport for all.

The Centre for Olympic Studies (COS) maintains a close relationship with the Queensland Olympic Council (QOC), principally through the Director, Ian Jobling, and his work on the QOC's Education Commission. In addition, the COS works with the QOC on a number of projects, such as the Pierre de Coubertin Awards and the Olympic-themed  Latch-On program educational project. The COS also acts as the documentation centre and archives for the QOC.

For more information about the QOC and their fundraising events and educational programs please visit their website.

To find out about the AOC's education program visit the Australian Olympic Committee.

Research & Publications

Student Research & Publications

Group of students updating the Centre of Olympic Studies wesbite (front from L-R: Josh Missen, Stuart Hubbert and Rob Snedden, back from L-R: Ian Jobling and David Ryan)

The links to files below relate Titles of Research and Publications undertaken by students and staff at UQ, and electronic media and a range of articles, conference papers, reports, maunscripts and minutes pertaining to the Olympic Movement.

Titles of Major Assignments by Students in UQ Olympic Studies Courses

Titles of Major Assignments by Students in UQ Non-Specific Olympic Studies Courses

Titles of articles, confererence papers, minutes, documents, etc pertaining to the Olympic Movement

DVDs & Audios pertaining to the Olympic Movement in the UQ Centre of Olympic Studies