The University of Queensland not only fosters the education of students through the Olympic Movement, it also provides support for Elite Athletes that are looking to excel in the Olympic Games and other major sporting events as a participant.  Assistance is provided to athletes in a wide range of sports.  For the complete list of students receiving support via the Sport Scholarship program at the University of Queensland in 2015 click here.

UQ Academy:

UQ has its very own sporting academy with state-of-the-art facilities, training staff and contacts to allow UQ students who are studying and playing sport achieve all of their goals. For more information on the UQ Sporting Academy visit here.

UQ Sporting Scholarships:

Along with the Academy, UQ also offers sporting scholarships to students looking to study here in the future and also current students. The scholarships at UQ help the recipients financially and also help manage their schedule to ensure study doesn't comprise on their sporting goals and vice versa. If you think you may be eligible for a sporting scholarship at UQ, visit here.

Elite Athlete Support:

For students that are considered an 'Elite Athlete' and are constantly participating in sporting events throughout the year, UQ has policies and procedures in place that make studying easier for you when you're under pressure by your sporting obligations. Whether it be giving time-organisation advice or helping rearrange your study plan, UQ is here to help. For athletes who wish to find out whether they are eligible for Elite Athlete Support at UQ, visit here.

Athlete Profile: Angus Galloway

Angus Galloway is an elite athlete in the sport of sailing.  Competing in the 470 class, he has represented Australia at the 2014 ISAF World Championships and competed in events all around the world.  Angus is also completing a Bachelor of Business at the University of Queensland and is part of the university’s elite athlete program on a Sports Achievement scholarship.  We caught up with Angus and asked him a few questions about his sport and his time at university.



What do you love most about being an elite athlete in the sport of sailing?

“Probably the best thing about being an elite athlete is the competition. I love trying to be the best at what I do.  Sailing in particular is a pretty unique and special sport.  We have probably one of the most complicated sports going around.  We have millions of different variables constantly changing all the time.  So, One; I love the challenge of the sport of sailing and Two; I love the competition.”

Where does the sport of sailing allow you to travel?

“We're pretty lucky with sailing we get to go to some pretty cool places and travel the world.  This year we started off in Miami, so North America, which was pretty cool.  Then we had a few regattas back home in Australia, it was our national championships, and now I'm just about to head off for some of the world cup and European events throughout Europe.  So I’m really looking forward to it.”

What would be your ultimate achievement in the sport of sailing and what do you need to do to get there?

“At the moment I think everything’s aimed around winning a gold medal at the Olympics in the 470 class.  In particular we're looking towards Tokyo, still trying to qualify for Rio but, in a new partnership and there’s a year to go and it doesn't look like we'll make qualification.  But I’m definitely looking towards gold in Tokyo.”

How do you combine your study with such a rigorous training and competition schedule? How does UQ support you to manage this?

“Initially I was doing four subjects, at the moment I've dropped it down to two.  That's a lot more manageable with the help of the faculty and the staff here at UQ.  It's an elite athlete friendly university so that’s a huge help.  They provide assistance through the scholarships program and with reworking assessment items while I'm away.  They've been pretty helpful this semester, I've only been here for two days so far, and I think we're in week six now.  So, they've been really helpful, especially with sorting out my exams for overseas.  I'm going to be doing my end of semesters while I'm in Europe so that was a bit of a challenge.”

Angus Sailing

What was your motivation to study at UQ?

“Basically UQ is Queensland's premier university.  Also they've got a strong history of supporting elite athletes, and allowing them to study and attain their goals within their sport and their field of study concurrently.  That was a huge benefit and a big drawcard for UQ.”

Do you have any advice for people wishing to combine a sporting career with higher education?

“It's really special; I've always had my study goals and always had my sporting goals as well.  And with the setup here at UQ they've allowed me to keep going with both concurrently.  I'd say seek advice and seek help.  You can't do it without your support base, it's impossible.  You need to be able to draw on family, the support of friends, the support of your sporting network and the support of UQ.  Without that it’s not possible and you'll run yourself into the ground.”