Women sitting ducks for frailty

Women who spend more time sitting down as they age are at higher risk of becoming frail, a University of Queensland study has found.
25 June 2018

Playing for peace

A University of Queensland researcher is working with an NGO to use sport to help Rohingya refugees in Malaysia.
20 June 2018

Love inspires new species name

Love is in the air at The University of Queensland with entomologist Dr Errol Hassan naming a new species of wasp after his wife to celebrate more than 50 years of marria
19 June 2018

Smashing avocado disease threats

Researchers are working with the Australian avocado industry to safeguard one of the nation’s favourite fruits from the threat of existing and emerging disease.
20 June 2018

Bolder targets needed to protect nature for people’s sake

University of Queensland researchers have found that humanity is at risk without more diverse, ambitious and area-specific conservation targets.
19 June 2018

Toothpaste and hand wash may contribute to antibiotic resistance

A common ingredient in toothpaste and hand wash could be contributing to antibiotic resistance, according to University of Queensland research.
19 June 2018

People with whiplash sought for combined treatment study

Researchers are working to develop a combined physiotherapy and psychology treatment program for people with chronic whiplash.
19 June 2018

UQ leads global law, science and tech research network

University of Queensland legal researchers are spearheading the formation of an international network of experts to help address global issues such as cybercrime, food se
18 June 2018

$4.69m in ARC funding to strengthen industry partnerships

Twelve projects at The University of Queensland will share more than $4.69m in funding from the Federal Government’s Australian Research Council Linkage Project grants an
15 June 2018

$53 million to fund open access imaging infrastructure

University of Queensland researchers will share in a $53 million funding windfall to support imaging infrastructure that allows experts to better understand the human bod
15 June 2018