Supporting teens with developmental disabilities

Simple strategies could help families of teenagers with a developmental disability gain confidence about their teen’s future.
20 March 2018

Million-dollar partnership prepares UQ students for ethical leadership

Ethics in business is the focus of a new million-dollar partnership between The University of Queensland and global business leader Mark Hutchinson.
20 March 2018

Historian honoured in Solomon Islands

To commemorate 40 years since the Solomon Islands gained independence from the United Kingdom, a University of Queensland historian will visit the country as a guest of t
19 March 2018

Commonwealth Games competitors awarded scholarships

Australian Commonwealth Games athletes are among a group of 58 University of Queensland students awarded UQ 2018 Sporting Scholarships.
16 March 2018

Chemical attraction gives rattlesnake peptide the bite on superbugs

Researchers have shown why a fragment of a protein from the venom gland of rattlesnakes could be the basis for an alternative to conventional antibiotics.
15 March 2018

Stronger penalties needed to tackle white-collar crime

Australians who commit white-collar crimes such as fraud should face stronger penalties according to a University of Queensland researcher.
14 March 2018

UQ seeks pint-sized experts to help design new playground

Children’s refrigerator artwork could help design one of Brisbane’s newest playgrounds, with The University of Queensland calling on kids to get creative with coloured ma
14 March 2018

Tropical cyclones: UQ Experts available for comment

UQ experts are available to comment on the impacts of a possible cyclone in southeast Queensland.
13 March 2018

Birdsong loss would echo silence in the forests

South-East Queensland is in danger of losing one of the last remaining populations of the Eastern bristlebird, one of Australia’s most melodic songbirds, a study has show
9 March 2018

Weight plays a role in menopause age

Being underweight or overweight could affect the age at which women experience menopause, a University of Queensland study has found.
9 March 2018