Researchers warn of deadly parvovirus strain spreading in Australian dogs

Vets and dog owners are being warned that canine parvovirus – a contagious and often fatal disease – is spreading rapidly among Australian dogs.
18 January 2018

New hub to support students with autism into employment

Students with autism, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other neurodiverse needs will soon have greater access to employment opportunities through a
17 January 2018

Tiger shark sex life fuels sustainability risk

Tiger sharks appear to be genetically monogamous – and it could be putting the species at risk.
17 January 2018

Melanoma is in the eye of the beholder

University of Queensland researchers have found that freckles and moles appearing on the iris indicate a high risk of melanoma, particularly in people under 40 years of a
17 January 2018

Internationally acclaimed journalist appointed to UQ

High profile foreign correspondent Peter Greste will help guide the future of journalism education after accepting an appointment at The University of Queensland.
17 January 2018

Scientists unleash power of genetic data to identify disease risk

Massive banks of genetic information are being harnessed to shed new light on modifiable health risks that underlie common diseases.
16 January 2018

Startup teams seeking games glory

Twelve startup teams will be vying for victory during the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast after being selected for The University of Queensland’s inaugural glob
15 January 2018

Two million students enrol in UQx free online courses

The University of Queensland’s UQx Massive Open Online Course program has reached two million enrolments, and is set to continue growing as it expands its MicroMasters of
12 January 2018

Is variety the spice of working life?

A team of researchers at The University of Queensland are looking for participants to explore the benefits and consequences of task variety in the workplace.
12 January 2018

Lost in translation: What does no net loss mean?

No net loss – a buzz phrase in environmental policy – is an approach that aims to neutralise negative environmental impacts from human activities.
12 January 2018