29 March 2018

The following UQ experts are available to comment on various issues relating to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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Professor Bill Vicenzino
Expertise: overuse injuries, physical therapies, cross-training exercise, strapping for rehabilitation, neuromuscular pain and injury.
Phone: 07 3365 2781
Email: b.vicenzino@uq.edu.au

Dr Michelle Smith
Expertise: neuromuscular changes that occur due to injury, disease and pain, the risks and effects of injury and re-injury on physical performance, taping and bracing interventions for treatment and prevention of injury, the trade-offs that occur between athleticism and skill.
Phone: 07 3365 4660
Email: m.smith5@uq.edu.au


Professor Cliff Mallett
Expertise: leading coaching educator, former member of the Australian Olympic coaching team (1996 and 2004), former elite athlete coach.
Phone: cmallett@uq.edu.au
Mobile: 07 3365 6765

Dr Steven Rynne
Expertise: work of high performance coaches and how they learn their craft, the social benefits of sport, Indigenous sport programs.
Phone: 07 3346 9977
Email: s.rynne@uq.edu.au

Mr Bob Crudgington
Expertise: former Australian softball team coach, former Australian Olympic dive team coach (2004), elite athlete coach (softball, diving, shooting, volleyball, basketball, rugby union and rugby league).
Phone: 07 3365 6172
Email: bobcrudgington@uq.edu.au

Katherine O’Brien
Expertise: education and training of performance coaches and officials (including elite referees and umpires). 
Mobile: 0458 357 792
Email: k.obrien1@uq.edu.au


Professor Cliff Mallett
Expertise: the motivation of elite athletes and coaches of elite athletes, mental toughness in elite sport (coaches and athletes), high performance coach learning and development.
Phone: 07 3365 6765
Email: cmallett@uq.edu.au

Dr Stephanie Hanrahan
Expertise: achievement motivation, goal orientation, expectancy of success, the degree of coaching influence on performance.
Phone: 07 3365 6453
Email: s.hanrahan@uq.edu.au


Dr Michael Leveritt
Expertise: how to make better food choices to improve health and exercise performance.
Phone: 07 3346 7768
Email: Michael.leveritt@uq.edu.au


Professor Wendy Brown
Exercise: exercise as a key component of public health, female participation in sport, the cost of physical inactivity to society.
Mobile: 0401 718 287
Email: wbrown@uq.edu.au


Dr Sean Tweedy, Principal Investigator of the UQ-IPC Classification Research Partnership
Expertise: the development and evaluation of classification systems in disability sport, former classifier at four Paralympic Games.
Phone: 07 3365 6638
Email: s.tweedy@uq.edu.au

Dr Emma Beckman
Expertise: physical activity participation of people with neuro-musculoskeletal impairments, increasing participation in Paralympic sports for people with a disability through the development of evidence-based systems of classification.
Phone: 07 3346 7904
Email: e.beckman@uq.edu.au

Dr Mark Connick
Expertise: development and evaluation of classification systems in Paralympic sport, the biomechanics of running and cycling.
Phone: 07 3365 6117
Email: m.connick@uq.edu.au


Associate Professor Sarah Jane Kelly
Expertise: anti-doping regulations, sponsorship metrics, mega-event legacy, commercial protections for Games sponsors, ambush marketing, unauthorised advertising, unauthorised broadcasting.
Mobile: 0408 710 088
Email: s.kelly@law.uq.edu.au

Dr Gary Osmond
Expertise: race, culture and the societal impact of sport pertaining to Indigenous Australians, how modern technology affects the way we record sports history.
Phone: 07 3346 7591
Email: g.osmond@uq.edu.au

Dr Murray Phillips
Expertise: the contemporary and historical aspects of sport, related issues such as military conflicts, gender and coaching.
Phone: 07 3365 6637 
Email: m.phillips@uq.edu.au

Dr Ian Jobling
Expertise: attitudes to performance enhancing drugs, the rise of female participation and Australian IOC members, the impact of the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games, homosexuality at the Olympic Games, a wide breadth of knowledge and photos pertaining to past Olympic Games.
Mobile: 0417 192 531
Email: i.jobling@uq.edu.au


Dr Jo Previte
Expertise: social marketing, how technology influences on consumer behaviour, alcohol consumption.
Phone: 07 3346 8095
Email: j.previte@business.uq.edu.au

Associate Professor Sarah Jane Kelly
Expertise: sponsorship metrics, anti-doping regulations, mega-event legacy, commercial protections for Games sponsors, ambush marketing, unauthorised advertising, unauthorised broadcasting.
Mobile: 0408 710 088
Email: s.kelly@law.uq.edu.au


Professor Sara Dolnicar
Expertise: AirBnB, peer-to-peer networks.
Mobile: 0437 216 185    
Email: s.dolnicar@uq.edu.au

Dr Sheranne Fairley
Expertise: tourism initiatives non-host cities strategically plan to leverage Games.
Phone: 07 3346 0761
Email: s.fairley1@uq.edu.au

Professor Neil Sipe
Expertise: transport planning, urban planning.
Mobile: 0439 746 123
Email: n.sipe@uq.edu.au

Dr Dorina Pojani
Expertise: urban transport, urban design.
Phone: 07 3365 6091
Email: d.pojani@uq.edu.au


Professor Lorraine Mazerolle
Expertise: policing, crime control and prevention, security issues.
Mobile: 0410 289 745
Email: l.mazerolle@uq.edu.au


Associate Professor Ian Mackay
Expertise: Infectious diseases and outbreaks.
Mobile: 0424 984 266
Email: ian.mackay@uq.edu.au