8 August 2017

TEDxUQ will return to The University of Queensland on 12 August, under the banner Thinking Out Loud.

The event will examine ideas and research that shape the future of culture, science, technology, psychology and business by bringing together great thinkers.

Event Director and UQ student Adrian Stokes said the event would expose students to ideas and research that may be unfamiliar, and would showcase presenters from a diverse range of fields.

“The core of this year’s theme is the idea that conversation and collaboration are the driving force behind innovation and change,” Mr Stokes said.

“A single idea holds the potential to influence multitudes at a local or global scale”.

Speakers at the event include Associate Professor Massimo Hilliard, who will look at the molecular mechanisms that regulate neuronal development, maintenance and repair in relation to a range of neurological diseases.

UQ alumnus and paleontologist Dr Caitlin Syme will discuss the scope of taphonomy in understanding ancient Earth ecosystems and how knowledge in this field can assist in examining traces of life on other planets.

The event is sold out but will be live-streamed on the TEDxUQ Facebook Event page and the TEDxUQ website.

Media: Adrian Stokes, licensee@tedxuq.com.