16 December 2016

As thousands of Queensland school-leavers receive their OP results tomorrow, The University of Queensland is offering an array of new programs and study options for students commencing study in 2017.


Budding criminologists wanting to understand why people commit crimes and how to prevent and control crime can enrol in a specialised four-year Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice (Honours) program.

High-achieving students with an interest in the humanities can undertake a Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (Honours), complete with internships, field work and study abroad options.

The new four-year UQ Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours) degree is the only undergraduate clinical exercise physiology program in Australia that will see students graduate with an Honours qualification.

Students aspiring to leadership roles in politics, business, the community or academia can enrol in a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Honours).

The Bachelor of Biomedical Science has been revised to be a three-year program, providing a shorter pathway to other health programs.

New online study options in the Bachelor of Equine Science and Bachelor of Wildlife Science programs allow students to study anywhere in Australia.

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) is now more flexible, with students able to enrol now, have a six-month break and start the degree in July 2017.

These existing programs have undergone changes to improve employability or offer more flexible study options:


Postgraduate students wanting to attain two qualifications will benefit from the introduction of a unique two-year dual program, the Master of International Relations/Master of International Law.

The new Graduate Certificate in Atrocity Prevention – one of the first programs of its kind in the world – will equip graduate students with the skills to help prevent mass atrocities at a local, national and global level.

Students aspiring to solve business problems for organisations can enrol in a Master of Business Psychology.

The new Graduate Diploma in Psychological Practice is specifically designed for psychology practitioners with a current approved postgraduate qualification in a specialist area of psychological practice.

Moving in to the tech field, the Master of Data Science is one of a few programs in the world that offers an advanced level of computing, mathematics and business skills specifically tailored to data science.

A new two-year Master of Engineering program offers practice-focussed and advanced technical courses, experiential learning and research projects.

UQ is also offering a new category of Masters-level online education delivered through the edX massive open online learning platform. More information can be found here.

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