Dr Alysha Elliott.
Dr Alysha Elliott.
6 November 2015

They’re the miracle drug that we take for granted, but antibiotics can’t always save us now, with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide dying each year from infection by resistant bacteria.

Brisbane residents are invited to The University of Queensland (UQ) for a free screening of a documentary that explores the growing problem of antibiotic resistance and what can be done to turn the tide.

The film Resistance will be shown at UQ’s Schonell Theatre as part of international Antibiotic Awareness Week from 16-22 November.

Dr Alysha Elliott, an antibiotic researcher from UQ’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB), said there were simple things everybody could do to help fight superbugs.

“Antibiotics are a precious resource and need to be handled with care,” Dr Elliott said.

“Everyone in the Brisbane community can help fight antibiotic resistance by washing their hands frequently with soap and water.

“It’s also important not to expect to be prescribed antibiotics if you have a viral infection such as the flu or a cold, and, if diagnosed with a bacterial infection, take the antibiotic course as recommended by your health care professional.”

Dr Elliott is part of the IMB Centre for Superbug Solutions, which is crowdsourcing the next antibiotic from laboratories all over the world.

At the documentary screening, Dr Elliott will outline how researchers are developing the next generation of antibiotics to fight superbugs. She will be joined by Stephanie Childs from NPS MedicineWise who will share ideas on simple things everyone can do to play a part in reducing antibiotic resistance.

What: Screening of Resistance

Time: 6pm

Date: Tuesday 17 November

Venue: Schonell Theatre, The University of Queensland, Building 21 Complex, Union, Union Rd, St Lucia.

Cost: Free but registrations essential at www.imb.uq.edu.au/resistance-film

Media: Ruth Neale, r.neale@imb.uq.edu.au, 07 3346 2389, 0487 955 790