11 August 2015

The Metro North Public Health Unit has advised that a third case of measles since mid-July has been identified in the student community at The University of Queensland St Lucia campus.

UQ Occupational Health Nurse Advisor Fiona Coulthard said Information on measles had been sent to staff and students. Further information is here.

“Anyone born during or since 1966, who has not had two documented doses of measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine or had proven measles, should visit their family doctor to get vaccinated for measles,” Ms Coulthard said.

“The vaccine is free for anyone who requires it. Vaccination now will not prevent infection from any possible exposure to the three UQ cases, but it will provide protection if there are more cases.

“If you are pregnant or have a weakened immune system, please contact your doctor for more specific advice. If you suspect that you may be developing measles, please stay away from the University and seek medical attention as soon as possible.”

She said anyone who suspected they had measles should notify their doctor of the possibility before arriving for their appointment.

More information: Metro North Public Health Unit,  +61 7 3624 1111, call 13HEALTH (13 432 584),  or Fiona Coulthard, +61 7 3365 4883, f.coulthard@uq.edu.au.