11 September 2014

The diagnosis and management of cancer and brain disorders will be improved by a new radiopharmaceuticals alliance between The University of Queensland and Global Medical Solutions Ltd (GMS).

GMS will use facilities at UQ’s Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) to produce Positron Emission Tomography (PET) radiopharmaceuticals.

CAI Director Professor David Reutens said his team was delighted to have GMS as a long-term collaborative industry partner.

“PET is a fast-growing nuclear medicine tool important in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, brain disorders and cardiac disease,” he said.

“This alliance is set to boost radiopharmaceutical research, development and commercialisation.

“GMS will establish a specialised Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility at the CAI, allowing the production of pharmaceuticals to high industry standards.

“It will be a valuable addition to our capabilities in the state-of-the-art CAI building.

“Strong industry collaborations like this mean that world-class CAI research has a better chance of being commercialised, contributing to precision medicine around the world.”

GMS Chairman and CEO Haig Bagerdjian said he was proud to have the opportunity to enhance GMS’s offering of radiopharmaceuticals through the use of CAI’s facilities, which would enable his company to deliver unsurpassed radiopharmaceutical services to the greater Brisbane market.

GMS Australia Managing Director Lyle Holm said the partnership would help produce high quality products for nuclear medicine.

“This will allow us to increase patient access to more tracer technology, a valuable diagnostic tool, which will improve patient outcomes and quality of care,” he said.

“GMS has a long history of providing critical diagnostic products to the Australian hospital and private practice network.

“Currently more than 1000 patients each day receive patient specific diagnostic tracers from GMS Australia, and this capability will grow through our collaboration with the CAI.”

Media: UQ Centre for Advanced Imaging, Rebecca Osborne +61 7 3365 4235, rebecca.osborne@cai.uq.edu.au ; Global Medical Solutions Managing Director Lyle Holm, +61 2 9503 8100, lyle@gms-au.com.