8 September 2014

University of Queensland researchers appeared at the United Nations in New York on 8 September to speak about the responsibility of UN member states to protect their people from atrocities.

UQ’s Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (AP R2P) was one of three non-government organisations to address the UN General Assembly on the issue.

UQ Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Executive Dean Professor Tim Dunne said the address was a coup for the Centre and its new Director, Professor Alex Bellamy.

“Diplomatic progress often runs ahead of decisive action,” Professor Dunne said.

“AP R2P staff reminded the UN of the need to match words with deeds.”

Professor Bellamy was joined at the UN by Dr Noel Morada, who heads up a research program on regional diplomacy and capacity building.

“Professor Bellamy is renowned not just for his work on the responsibility to protect, but also his writings on the history and practice of ethics in relation to war, and the field of peace and conflict resolution inside the UN system,” Professor Dunne said.

Media: Professor Tim Dunne, +617 3365 1822, execdean@hass.uq.edu.au or Kristen Johnston (HASS Communications), +617 3346 1633, k.johnston@uq.edu.au.