18 June 2014

A discussion exploring options for South East Queensland’s future water supply is being held on Thursday 19 June.

University of Queensland Advanced Water Management Centre Director Jurg Keller will join a panel to discuss how extreme weather events and population growth is creating an increased demand for water.

Recycling has a clean and green image, except when it refers to water for drinking.

Queensland, including the highly-populated southeast corner, has suffered severe droughts and floods in the past decade.

Join the audience in discussing options for a sustainable and secure water supply for South East Queenslanders.

Discussion issues include:

  • What role do different water sources play in securing a sustainable, long-term water supply across a rapidly growing region such as SE Queensland?
  • Is the infrastructure in a state where it could be rapidly deployed if needed?
  •  Should recycled water play a greater role in our water supply?

Registration is required as spaces are limited.

Event details

When: Thursday 19 June - 6pm to 8pm

Where: Queensland State Library Auditorium 2

Cost: Free

Registration: Please email details to events@awmc.uq.edu.au

Enquiries: Australian Academy of Technical Sciences and Egineering Division support Ms Sara Madderson, 9864 0924 or sara.madderson@atse.org.au. UQ Advanced Water Management Engagement and Business Development Manager Dr Sandra Hall, 0429 613 811.