29 May 2014

Two University of Queensland professors have been named inaugural Science and Innovation Champions by the Queensland Government.

Professor Mark Kendall from UQ’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology and Professor Mandayam Srinivasan from UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute have both made significant innovations that have contributed to the national and international scientific communities.

UQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Peter Høj said the announcement recognised the quality of research taking place at UQ.

“Professor Kendall and Professor Srinivasan are both leading ground-breaking research that has a global impact,” he said.

Professor Kendall invented the needle-free vaccine patch, the Nanopatch, while Professor Srinivasan is using the flight behaviour of birds and honeybees to design robotic aircraft.

Professor Kendall said it was an honour to be among the select few Science and Innovation Champions and Culture Champions for 2014.

“I will serve in this role by encouraging others to apply their skills and passion to innovate,” he said.

“This award is shared with my team and together we are pushing forward with the Nanopatch to displace the needle and syringe and improve the reach of effective vaccines to more people.”

Professor Srinivasan heads QBI’s Neuroscience of Vision and Aerial Robotics laboratory, which studies how animals with small brains such as bees and birds are able to navigate complex environments.

That information is then applied to research in the field of robotics with unmanned aerial vehicles.

He said he was thrilled to be included in the list.

“This recognition provides validation that our research is heading in the right direction and that we’ll be able to deliver tangible outcomes,” he said.

“It is also a wonderful opportunity to promote science in the public arena and to encourage younger scientists in Queensland to compete for the award.”

MEDIA: QBI Darius Koreis, 07 3346 6353, d.koreis@uq.edu.au; AIBN Petrina Gilmore, 07 3346 3899, p.gilmore@uq.edu.au