22 November 2013

Exciting new research collaborations in areas ranging from the arts to zoology are under way between The University of Queensland and The University of Western Australia.

The latest round of UQ-UWA Bilateral Research Collaboration Awards could help solve to solve some of the world’s major problems.

The awards support 28 projects and amount to a total $384,700, with 15 UQ-led projects awarded $199,700 and 13 UWA-led projects awarded $185,000.

The awards offer up to $20,000 to support joint projects between researchers at UWA and UQ, fostering new collaborations or enhancing existing relationships.

Project titles include:

  • Technologies to enhance the discovery and surveillance of vector-borne viruses
  • Fixing nature: a critical account of our struggles to address problems in the coastal marine environment
  • Can frost tolerance be induced in wheat plants? A $100 million question
  • Genomic approaches to explore plant-insect interactions
  • Chemical and biochemical profiling of the anti-cancer marine natural product, alpkinidine
  • Validation of a freehand 3D ultrasound system for morphological measures of the calf muscle in young children with cerebral palsy
  • Social memory and histories of feminism.                                                                                                                                                    

MEDIA: Carolyn Varley, 0413 601 248, c.varley@uq.edu.au.