Maria Golubovskaya and Marine Billot are excited to travel to Switzerland as part of the Young Talents Program.
Maria Golubovskaya and Marine Billot are excited to travel to Switzerland as part of the Young Talents Program.
25 March 2013

Two UQ School of Tourism students will travel to Switzerland to take part in guided tours, skiing and networking with international tourism leaders – all at the cost of a research paper.

Marine Billot and Maria Golubovskaya will attend the World Tourism Forum in Lucerne next month as part of the Young Talents Program.

The program is open to students enrolled in the World Tourism Forum’s partner universities from nine different countries, and places are awarded on a competitive basis.

Students are required to submit an academic paper on an issue related to the tourism industry and complete an online learning agility test.

Ms Billot said the opportunity would allow her to develop her knowledge and explore issues facing the international tourism industry.

“The trip will have a positive impact on our futures and careers through the development of our networking skills and our understanding of sustainable tourism,” Ms Billot said.

Ms Billot’s research paper focuses on Generation Y in the hospitality industry, a topic close to her heart.

“I started working in a hotel last year and soon realised that the style of management in the hospitality industry is not appropriate for my generation,” Ms Billot said.

“Regardless of unemployment levels, attracting and retaining quality staff is a shared problem worldwide.

“My research focuses on how managers can attract and retain valuable staff by adapting the recruitment process and day-to-day management to capitalise on Gen Y’s strengths,” she said.

Ms Golubovskaya’s paper explores the tourism industry from an environmental perspective, focusing on the implications of climate change on the ski industry.

“Australian ski resorts are an example of tourist destinations suffering from the negative impacts of climate change,” Ms Golubovskaya said.

“As winter ski seasons are becoming significantly shorter, my research investigates how resorts can respond to global warming by diversifying their products and services related to non-ski activities during the ‘green season’.”

Ms Golubovskaya said it would be an honour to meet CEOs from some of the biggest tourism organisations around the world and learn about global tourism issues.

The forum will run from 17-19 April. Find out more at

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