28 January 2013

UPDATE: Properties & Facilities St Lucia flood prediction map [PDF 486kb]

UPDATE: If you are taking public transport to campus, please note that some CityCat ferry, train and bus services have been disrupted. You can check the status of your usual bus/train/ferry at the Translink website.

2pm, 28 January 2013:

After recent severe rain and storm events, The University of Queensland anticipates that all campuses will be open for business tomorrow Tuesday 29 January, however some roads to campuses may be closed.

If roads are closed, we do expect alternate roads to be open, for example, if Sir Fred Schonell Drive is closed, Swann Road, Hawken Drive and the Esplanade will still be open.

Key courses and other core business in teaching, research and administration should continue as normal.

Nevertheless, the personal safety of students and staff is paramount and no one should put themselves in danger to get to campus.

The Brisbane River is yet to reach its flood peaks, so we could still expect some minor inundation at St Lucia campus.

The Bureau of Meteorology advised this morning that rain and winds are easing, however we do ask that staff and students exercise due caution in the following days.

Further detail is below.

St Lucia campus

The St Lucia campus has been affected by a significant number of trees down, fallen debris, blocked drains and power outages and we will be keeping a close eye on the Brisbane River, which is yet to reach its flood peak.

The flood peak for the Brisbane River is expected at 10am on Tuesday, 29 January and again at 12 noon on Wednesday, 30 January, so the campus could still be affected by rising water.

This pdf document details anticipated streets within St Lucia likely to be affected by flooding.

UQ's Property and Facilities unit is preparing a map of St Lucia campus highlighting predicted flood areas. The map will be available later today.

Based on Brisbane City Council projections, we can expect flooding in the areas of Walcott Street, the multi-level carparks on Sir Fred Schonell Drive, Glasshouse Rd and surrounding structures, parts of Sir William Macgregor Drive, Coleridge St (and Margaret Cribb Child Care), International House and Conifer Knoll Carpark. Some sports fields may be flooded.

Staff have moved vehicles from the multi-story car parks. Where cars have been parked on the lower levels and we could not identify or contact owners they have been towed to a safe area.

Some roads in and around St Lucia may also be blocked, so normal access routes to and from St Lucia may not be passable.

This means areas normally available for parking may not be available on Tuesday.

Drivers should exercise caution when driving around the campus. Signs will be erected to direct drivers to available parking.

As a precaution, the lower levels of International House are being cleared as is the Margaret Cribb Childcare Centre.

The Faculty of Science has moved the boats from the parking/storage area and some plants from the glasshouses.

Sporting clubs such as the BoatHouse and others in possible flood areas have been advised to move their equipment as a precaution.

Clean up crews are currently working on campus and it is likely that machinery will be operating across campus during the following days to clear roads and paths. We urge staff and students to exercise caution and to follow the direction of safety staff.

Ipswich campus

The Ipswich campus remains unaffected.

Gatton campus

The road to Gatton town is open.

At the UQ Gatton campus, water has pooled overland at the Horticultural Fields at Lockyer Creek, North of the Warrego Highway.

Water has also pooled to a depth of 300-400mm over Fieldings Road (east boundary of campus).

Access to the Warrego Highway has been cut 2.5km east of campus and access to Forrest Hill Road is also cut.

Herston campus

Power outages have been reported at Herson campus.

Other UQ sites have experienced power outages including the University Mine at Indooroopilly, Pinjarra Hills and UQ�s Long Pocket site in Indooroopilly.

The University management is mindful that staff and students at all campuses may have suffered personal or property damage and will naturally prioritise attention to such matters. The University will make provision for Special Leave in such circumstances. Staff should speak with their supervisors if they believe there is a case for special leave.

Staff and students requiring help during floods or storms should call the State Emergency Services on 132 500.

Maurie McNarn
Chief Operating Officer