19 December 2012

“Following a resounding and nation-leading result in competitive grants rounds and the recent evaluation of research excellence, the outcomes from a staff survey at The University of Queensland will be a key focus for 2013”, Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Høj says.

All fixed-term and continuing staff at UQ were invited to complete a workplace culture survey in October, in order to build a picture of how staff perceive the workplace environment.

“A major action item for the University’s senior management in the New Year will be to look more closely at the results to consider recommendations and plan our approach to building a more constructive and supportive workplace culture,” Professor Høj said.

“The survey results reflect characteristics common to large universities, providing the necessary opportunity to create a work environment where more staff feel better informed about key strategic directions, and encouraged and supported to contribute new ideas”.

In a 20-day survey window, 57 percent (4306) staff shared their views, with more than 100 staff taking part in focus groups held across the four main UQ campuses, and one-on-one interviews held for those who requested them.

Professor Høj said that the level of participation indicated a strong commitment for working at UQ.

“Staff have genuinely engaged with this process and contributed to improving the workplace experience for all,” he said.

To conduct the survey, the University engaged the independent management consulting firm Nous Group that advises many large organisations that are looking to strengthen their workplace culture and effectiveness.

The preliminary results have been presented to management and Professor Høj said he and his senior colleagues looked forward to working with staff to make positive changes in light of the new insights.

“We have been recognised as one of the best universities to work for, and we are ranked as one of the world’s top 100 universities, but if we don’t look at where we can improve, we run the risk of not being the best we can be,” Professor Høj said.

Media: Janelle Kirkland, UQ Communications, j.kirkland@uq.edu.au or 07 3346 0561