10 December 2012

On Wednesday, December 12, 400 students will graduate from The University of Queensland's Gatton Campus ready to enter the agribusiness, agriculture, equine, veterinary and wildlife science industries.

For some students, graduation means the opportunity to travel and enjoy an extended break, whilst for others it is straight into the workforce.

Agribusiness students Hannah Avery, Laura Edwards and Stephanie Cook are examples of students commencing full time careers, starting at the Australian Milling Group (AMG), One Harvest and the Australian Wheat Board (AWB) respectively.

Miss Avery is graduating from a dual degree in agribusiness and applied science. She began work part time as a marketing assistant at the Australian Milling Group in July after a successful work experience placement and since November, has become full time.

Miss Avery, a St George local, knows the benefits students gain from work experience.

“I have an unreal opportunity with AMG to learn from some of the best in the industry, and at the moment I really want to build my knowledge base and extend my network of contacts,” Miss Avery said.

Miss Avery also recognises the benefits of working with an international company, highlighting the travel opportunities and challenging aspects of the agricultural industry as a drawcard.

“In a few years I would like to work overseas for a period of time. I am definitely not restricting myself to one sector of the agricultural industry. I just want to be somewhere in the industry that I can work with good people and be challenged,” she said.

Miss Avery says the highlights of her time at University was the overseas trip as part of her final assessment piece. In the project, she was hired, along with a group of her peers, to conduct market research and analysis in an international market as well as the laid back and multi-cultural atmosphere of the Gatton Campus.

Miss Avery along with her peers will graduate at 11am from the Gymnasium (Building 8144) at The University of Queensland Gatton.

Media: Erin Pearl, UQ Gatton, 07 5460 1229, e.pearl@uq.edu.au