9 November 2012

The University of Queensland has responded to “the grand challenge of our generation” by launching a new energy initiative today.

The initiative brings together researchers, industry and government to investigate energy options and inform policy.

UQ Energy Initiative director Professor Chris Greig said it was appropriate that UQ as a leading research university joined industry and government leaders in responding to the global issue of energy.

“Reliable, affordable and sustainable energy can be described as the grand challenge of our generation, with a perfect storm of rising energy demand, concerns about energy supplies and the risk of climate change,” Professor Greig said.

“On one hand we have the environmental issues associated with declining fossil fuel reserves and CO2-induced climate change, and on the other hand, the moral issue of energy poverty in many developing countries.

“The UQ Energy Initiative aims to address both of these issues with research that involves scientists, government and industry.”

The initiative will deal with the many facets energy production and storage, including fossil energy, renewable energy and energy storage.

It would emphasise sustainability, influence government policy and support industrial deployment, Professor Greig said.

For more information, visit uq.edu.au/energy

Media: Dr Greig (07 3346 8831 or chris.greig@uq.edu.au) or Tegan Taylor at UQ Communications (07 3346 7887, 0413 601 248 or t.taylor@uq.edu.au)