Children at UQ's Moreton Bay Research Station Open Day inspecting a Port Jackson shark egg case.
Children at UQ's Moreton Bay Research Station Open Day inspecting a Port Jackson shark egg case.
12 November 2012

The University of Queensland invites you to enjoy the amazing setting and array of educational experiences at its Moreton Bay Research Station Open Day.

The free family event will provide an insight into the rich diversity of marine life that surrounds North Stradbroke Island when the station opens its doors to the public on Saturday, November 24, from 10am-3pm.

Dr Kathy Townsend, researcher at the Moreton Bay Research Station, said the devastation of the 2011 flood had highlighted the fragility of the bay.

“Maintaining the health of our marine environment and the waterways that run into it is important as it provides crucial habitat and food for many endangered species,” Dr Townsend said.

The station’s open day will be a casual, family event with a wide variety of marine related activities for people of all ages, including a live reptile show by Cool Companions, a UQ Mad Science demonstration and marine animal exhibits.

“The station’s open day is a good opportunity for people to find out about the research being done right on their front doorstep,” Dr Townsend said.

“Moreton Bay is a safe haven for a variety of endangered species, including dugongs, sea turtles and Indopacific humpback dolphins.

“This diversity is surprisingly high considering how close we are to one of the fastest growing cities in Australia.”

The day will also include art workshops sponsored by Sibelco and run by Reversed Garbage, a Brisbane based not-for-profit co-operative that promotes environmental sustainability and resource reuse.

Reversed Garbage will run waste focused art workshops throughout the day.

Researchers working out of Moreton Bay Research Station will present talks.

The talk series includes topics with broad public appeal, for example the effectiveness of Marine Park no take zones, plastic impacts within the marine environment, and why sharks are so good at holding their breath.

The open day will be held at Moreton Bay Research Station at the corner of Flinders Avenue and Fraser Street, Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island.

Entry is free and children must be accompanied by an adult.

Event Details:
What: Moreton Bay Research Station
When: Saturday, November 24 (10am-3pm)
How to get there: Catch the ferry or water taxi from Toondah Harbour, Cleveland to Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island, followed by a five-minute walk along the shore to Moreton Bay Research Station.

For more information, contact Moreton Bay Research Station (telephone 07 3409 9058, email: or web site